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Random that doesn't have to do with kpop
Just a reminder everyone! YOU ARE ALL AMAZING! You are all beautiful, and amazing, because you are you! I've been dealing with a lot of self esteem issues recently, and one of my friends told me this. "If you get nothing else from me, I want you feel complimented from me. That is my only goal is to make someone else's day better." I loved this, because we all tend to just think about ourselves, and I just wanted to come and say how awesome you guys are. People probably won't read this, but those who do, I hope your day became a little brighter!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
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This was so cute. You made my day better ❤️
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@Abby97 You are AMAZING too!! Thanks for this card.
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Another thing to help with self esteem is if you wouldn't say it to/about a close friend, then don't say it to/about yourself. :)
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ive been having a bad few... months i guess it is now, and i need this 💕 thank you even though its not directly for me
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