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Taught by ringleader Baekhyun
Inmate ZiTao... Visitors are advised not to bring Gucci past his cell...or actually at all. Celled with Serial Killer Kyungsoo..
Inmate Kris -Failed at taking over galaxy...miserably- celled with no one
Inmate Chen.. Was put in solitary for purposely breaking his cellmates ear drums.
Inmate Sehun The youngest inmate who steals shoes(but only the left ones?) now as a joke while serving his sentence.
Inmate Chanyeol In solitary...Deemed too contagious for society. One smile and you're screwed
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THE HORROR! I FORGOT TO TAG MY BABIES!! SORRYYYYY😱😱😱😱😱😱 Vingle Family Tag List @DesireeChucklez @KpopQueen1 @MonicaSok @WrapMxnster @jennissa711 @BetseyBleau @emilyrivera21 @ChauncyVSutton @Tamaki1618 @MAKCosmetic @aliahwhbmida @kandle779 @ZionPerezFowler @KLenellT @yeseniamh23 @ShinoYuki @AbbyNelson @nightshade18 @Insfired @Sammyjuicoo @NykeaKing @JeniseRamos @viktoriagarber @H8rt4u @HayleyYates @electra12 @HappyLoud @hameedabintsale @DeathsAngel @EmilySavage @Bangtanboys2013 @AlittleJoy @BessanMerab @MrsJungHoseok @ChoHee1 @Zxenna @LuMichelle @LizzyRubyCiss @peckachubbs @CheyenneJessee @Konnor @abby177 @GrandPop @LindaHart @BTS282236 @LizaNightshade @StaphanieAyalah @mellyortiz @Jasminep96 @AnaP @Lescobedo @ESwee @KatieDowel @SokharChea @KpopDurz @JessicaEvaristo @ChelseaGarcia @Keena85 @KassieMckinney @ChelestiEdwards @MelissaGarza @Mercedesbenz98 @RebelLynn @AlexAckerman @KennedyMoser @nekochanjessica @KatMejia @JazmmMThis @mimichanga1 @P1B2Bear @YasminHussein @cennajp @MickieDanels15 @mycreativename @amullins2007 @castielaf @EliseB @MaryOsorio @DreaG1518 @CarlaPena @Kpopaddict3d @DekaraMiller @TaylorMitchell @Gianlica @CloverShadows @RonnieRios @ThyaremyCreator @jannatd93 @KatieRussell @RoryJustine @vdavanzo87 @StephanyAcevedo @AnnaArai @KristinaCaron @russelroche47 @ElniWyatt @GeetanjaliRao @catbug424 @MichelleFrazier @LeighHolgate @IzzyPanda @AlexaCipolla @VeronicaArtino @yoaikpopfan32 @Exoexo @Sidneylovekpop @CarenBoykins @AngelJoong86 @JesikaAceituno @alyssadonnell @sanazsanaz @catchyacrayon @elainarenea @kpopandkimchi
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No hard feelings. We make mistakes once in our life @KatelynSummerso
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Me too. I don't understand because I'm not too biased to any group and I am into a multi-fandom perspective. But it is what it is. I view everyone the same on vingle in the kpop community. β˜ΊπŸ™†πŸ‘ͺ
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@Mercedesbenz98 I honestly have no idea...I'm not part of a squad, I'm just part of the Vamily Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―
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@KatelynSummerso What's up with squads nowadays? I thought we were a big family on vingle
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