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Que tal peeps!

This is another series I came across. I will share then as I find them. The last one I shred was how the guys would cuddle. We all know we fantasize about how our bias would act of we were dating and we had on their tee. I think this is super cute. Something goes through a guys mind when his girl wears his shirt.

Again these are not my ideas! I'm just sharing what I found.

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Namjoon wouldn’t really notice it at first. He would definitely rewatch the video multiple times before finally noticing. He would just want to watch it because he missed you, but would get super giddy when he realized that the incredibly large black sweatshirt he had once forgotten at your dorm. He would be really happy in the same way Suga would be, but would make much more of a fuss about it. He would tease you and ask you about it when you chatted later that night, he would post screenshots on twitter, telling followers all about how much his Jagi missed him. Namjoon would be kinda greasy about it, all annoying flirting and dramatic cooing about how cute you looked in it.


When Suga saw you dancing all bad ass, wearing a t-shirt you had “borrowed” oh so long ago, he would be secretly really happy. More than the fact you were wearing his clothes though, you would probably do that all the time anyways, he would be so happy that you were wearing it in a video that hundreds of thousands of other people saw. It would fuel his ego to know that you were that comfortable enough about your relationship to wear his clothes in a video for all of your fans to see. He would never tell you this though. If you ever asked he would pretend he never noticed.


Jin would be both surprised and happy to see you add some over sized cardigan over your usual plain t-shirt and shorts. Like it would be so long, and he would think it was so cute, wondering how he never thought about it before. Jin would be all “my jagi is sooooo pretty!” on every social media platform he had accounts for, posting pictures to go with it. He would see it as much more of a big deal than it actually was, and as such would make it into one. He would send you so many text messages and give you so many compliments and would definitely ask you to wear his clothes more because you looked incredibly cute in them.


Hobi would make Jin’s dramatic response look like nothing. As soon as he saw you dressed in his jacket, he would show it to anybody who would give him the time, and annoy people until they caved in and allowed him to fanboy over your attractiveness as he showed them the video. He would give you so many compliments too, like as soon as the video came out. “YOU LOOK SO MUCH BETTER THAN I DO IN THAT JACKET, JAGI!” “YOU SHOULD REALLY WEAR MY CLOTHES MORE.” “NO REALLY, JUST GO THROUGH MY CLOSET AND PICK.” He would be so extra about it to the point where you had to get him to calm down because “it’s just a jacket, Hobi.”

Jimin Papi Chulo:

Sweet Jimin would be super shy about seeing you wearing not only his beanie, but an old t-shirt of his as well. He wouldn’t say much or give any public comment, but internally would be screaming like a school-girl. If anyone asked, he would just say you looked cute and move on. Now Sexy Jimin on the other hand would be a very different story. He would call you up and say something like “You look good in that shirt, Y/N, but as hot as it is you would look much better without it.” He would tease you about it as well, the same way Rap Monnie would. He’d be all “Aw, how cute, my jagi really misses me that much.” in a slightly patronizing tone, using aegyo when he realized how annoyed you were.


Tae wouldn’t notice at first that you were dressed in his long-sleeved shirt. Someone else would probably have to point it out. When they did he would be super happy about it. “I thought there was something especially cute about you in that video, Y/N!” He would just find it so adorable that his girlfriend loved and missed him enough to wear his clothes in a video that would be seen by a lot of people. He would definitely make a mental note to “accidentally” forget some more of his clothes at your place so that next time he was away you had options. I feel like he wouldn’t actually be super dramatic about it though, despite the fact he would probably be just as happy as Hobi or Jin.


Now the Kookie would go through multiple phases. He would know as soon as he saw you that the shirt you were wearing belonged to him, or at least it used too. Stage 1 would be shyness. He would just keep quiet and probably blush a little as he watched, just silently taking the teasing from his hyungs. Stage 2 would be after he watched it a few times and it sunk in how much you must miss him, how much he misses you. He would be really sad, at least until he got a call from you. That would cause him to enter Stage 3, a super sweet Kookie who thinks you’re the cutest goddamn girlfriend in the world, who plans to go through his closet and give you a pile of clothes for next time.
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