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Part 12: _ * _ * _ * Well this was an interesting way to start the new semester... "YOONGI OPPA~!" Some random girl called running to Yoongi while I had been in the middle of talking to him. 'Rude -_-' She was all over him as he looked a little uncomfortable. Clearing my throat, "Umm, hello. I'm Y/N, his girlfriend." I emphasized the last word which fortunately got her attention and off of him to turn and greet me. "Oh my Gahd! He's told me about you! You're so amazing like he is so lucky! I would say you are to but he's a pain sometimes so-" "Y/N, this is Roxanne. I met her when I was on vacation a few years ago. What I don't understand is why she's here..." He cut her off. I noticed the rest of Yoongi's friends a little confused as was the rest of the class. She giggled a little. "Sorry I forgot to tell you. I'm going to be studying here for a few months and since I knew you they put me in some of your classes so I could get used to everything." After this everyone except Yoongi's friends and I lost interest. "So...Roxanne, how did you guys meet?" Namjoon questioned. Jeongguk was hiding behind the others. "Well..." she started but instead of paying attention I went to Jeongguk. "You okay?" He jumped a little before releasing a sigh of relief realizing it was me. "Yeah, just shy is all." "You weren't shy around me when I first met you." "Because I could tease you and Yoongi to keep my mind of the fact you were a girl." I giggled a little too loudly catching Yoongi's attention. "Yah, Y/N! Why are you over there?" "Jeongguk is being shy~" I teased as he turned pink hiding his face. "Shut up." he mumbled. _ * _ * _ * "Roxanne, right?" Alex asked during lunch. "Yep! And you are?" She was very hyper. Now could anyone be so... outgoing? I guess is the word. "Alex." They shook hands as i watched kind of out of it. "Y/N, how did you meet Yoongi?" "Hmm?" I was brought back to reality. "Oh, umm, well... funny story." I laughed awkwardly with everyone else as we recalled what happened, before composing myself. "We met at a party and I smashed a bottle over his head. He bumped into me making a drink spill and he decided to get smart and it pissed me so... yeah." Roxanne looked a little horrified before she burst out laughing with the rest of us. "Yoongi~ I didn't know you liked that kind of stuff!!" "Believe me I don't know why I talked to her after that." He had a small smile as i nudged him. "I'm just irresistible." I flipped my hair to mimic a popular girl causing more laughs to erupt. Rosanna was actually pretty cool. I was so glad she wasn't one of the stereotypical extras that come into a story to steal the male lead. I would have to fight and I mean physically. Alex, Roxanne, and I ended up exchanging numbers so we could talk more. "You better not be replacing me." Yoongi whined. "Yeah, yeah." "Wow, I feel so loved." he rolled his eyes before I tackled his back, my arms on his shoulders. "Awe~ poor baby~" I giggled before whispering, "Do I need to show you how much I love you?" His face turned bright red. "Yah! What are you two talking about over there?!?" Seokjin teased. I quickly got up laughing, "Just kidding!" I yelled running away as he chased after me. "You can't play with me like that!" "Just did!" _ * _ * _ * I walked home with Alex, Yoongi, and Roxanne. We ganged up on Yoongi, making him complain about how we were being unfair. "Oh, Roxanne! Do you have a place to stay?" "Of course! I wouldn't come here unprepared!" she smiled brightly. "We should all go out for coffee sometime! The others can come too!" "You're so random." Yoongi commented. "Keeps everyone's lives interesting." she shrugged. "But what do you say?" "Sure!" Alex and I said at the same time. We waved bye to Yoongi and Roxanne as they parted. "You're coming over today, right?" I questioned Alex. "Yep! I can't wait to go on a Walking Dead binge!" We both laughed as we entered my house. "I'll get the popcorn and chips!" I hollered entering the kitchen. "I'll turn it on!" she yelled back.
A/N: Why am I having a hard time making my chapters longer???? I think I'm gonna do a major time skip, like briefs of every year until the end of senior? So this is the last chapter for them being sophomores. so the next chapter will be junior.


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