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So thanks to @Helixx I have been graced with the presence of 비투비 (BTOB). From getting to know these goofs, a couple have stood out to me. One in particular has gone and started fighting with my UB. UB being clutze Namjoon, he is bae. Let me introduce you to 이민혁 (Lee Minhyuk)he, if not already, is going to ruin your life.
He is just so damn FLUFFY!
What pushed me over the edge was that blonde hair. And that's saying when an idol I'm looking at, in respect to ive got my eyes on you kinda look, goes and dyes their hair blonde. Done! The deal is made, you have become on the bias list. Wae! Wae damn it!? That's right Minhyuk, you are so fly!
You surprise me everyday. I swear. You post a photo of yourself, and then Namjoon posts a photo. Its like you know when the other is trying to get my attention. So in conclusion, I have two UB now.......It is impossible for me to choose between the two. Trust me I have tried, I held games to see which would win..tie everytime. Rhis has been going on for 2 weeks now and I am offically calling it. BTOB taglist: @Helixx @GriseldaZenger @JiyongLeo (if you love BTOB as much as us, let me know and I'll start tagging you.)
Welcome to the duel UB club. ...Assholes.
@Helixx im so laughing my ass off right now. This statement couldn't be more true
@LemonLassie You know I feel your pain.