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Annyeong! Reporter Taemi here! I am going to cover two beautiful popular actresses who should be more appreciated! I will be talking about Kim Saeron and Han Chae Young! Leggo!~
Kim Saeron is a very cute young lady. She is known for playing the cute, funny, kind, & playful roles in dramas. She is an amazing actress! Here are some facts about her: ¤ Born: July 31, 2000 (age 15) Seoul, South Korea ¤ Agent: Fantagio ¤ Kim Saeron was eight years old when she started her acting career and became a popular child actress through the films "A Brand New Life" and "The Man From Nowhere". ¤ She have two younger sisters, Kim Ah-ron and Kim Ye-ron, who are also actresses. Here are some other movies she was in: 2011- I Am a Dad 2012- Barbie 2012- The Neighbor 2014- Manshin: Ten Thousand Spirits 2014- A Girl at My Door 2014- Manhole 2016- The Great Actor (cameo) 2017- The Twins Dramas: 2011- Can You Hear My Heart? 2011- Heaven's Garden 2012- Fashion King 2012- I Need Romance 2012 (cameo) 2012- Mom Is Acting Up 2012- Missing You 2013- The Queen's Classroom 2014- Hi! School: Love On 2015- Snowy Road 2015- To Be Continued (with ASTRO) 2015- Glamorous Temptation 2016- Mirror of the Witch I love her in "Hi School Love On" and "To be Continued"! I am currently watching "Mirror of the Witch", So far, it's a really good drama and of course I love her in that drama already! c:
Here are some music videos she was featured in: 2013- "Green Rain" by Shinee 2014- "Jackpot" by Block B 2014- "From My Heart" by 5urprise 2015- "Cat's Eye" by Astro

Kim Saeron has won many awards such as:

2010- BUSTER Copenhagen International Film Festival for Children and Youth Best Child Actor/Actress ~ Special Mention for"A Brand NewLife" 2010- 19th Buil Film Awards ~Best New Actress for "A Brand New Life" 2010- 8th Korean Film Awards~ Best New Actress for "The Man From Nowhere" 2011- 8th Max Movie Awards~Best New Actress for "The Man From Nowhere" 2013- MBC Drama Awards~ Best Young Actress for "The Queen's Classroom" 2014- 7th Herald Donga Lifestyle Awards ~Style Icon of the Year 2014- 35th Blue Dragon Film Awards~ Best New Actress for "A Girl at My Door" 2015- 24th Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival~ Best Actress in a Foreign Film for "Snowy Road" 2015- Golden Cinematography Awards ~Best New Actress for "A Girl at My Door"


Okay moving along with miss beautiful Han Chae young! She is known for mostly playing the sexy, cute irresistible, rich girl roles! She is also an amazing actress. She can play any role honestly! Here are some facts about her: ¤ Born : Kim Jiyoung September 13, 1980 (age 35) Daegu, South Korea (She's a D-Girl! xD) ¤ Other names/American name: Rachel Han ¤ Dongguk University Bachelor's degree in 'Theater and Film' ¤ Agent: Hanyang E&M ¤ Religion: Roman Catholicism ¤ Spouse: Choi Dong-joon (m. 2007) ¤ She gave birth to a son on August 28, 2013 Dramas: 2000- Autumn in My Heart 2002- Affection 2004- Beijing My Love 2005- Delightful Girl 2005- Only YouYou 2006- My Girl 2006- Exhibition of Fireworks 2009- Boys Over Flowers 2010- A Man Called God 2010- Haru: An Unforgettable Day in Korea 2012- Dream in Blue 2013- My Love from the Star (Guest appearance) 2013- Ad Genius Lee Tae-baek 2013- Pretty Man 2015- 1931 Love Story 2016- The Rebirth of a Celebrity Superstar Movies: 2000- The Record 2002- Bet on My Disco 2003- Wild Card 2007- Love Now 2009- Good Morning President 2009- Girlfriends 2010- The Influence (Online film) 2011- A Big Deal (Chinese film) 2016- The Guest (Chinese film) She was also apart of a theater play called "Clumsy People" from 2007-2008.

Han Chae Young has won many awards such as:

2005- KBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Award with Jae Hee for "Delightful Girl" 2005- Popularity Award~ Actress for "Delightful Girl" 2007- Korea Best Dresser of the Year Awards~ Recipient 2008- Asia Model Festival Awards Model Star Award 2009- Andre Kim Best Star Awards Female Star Award 2010- Asia Model Festival Awards Model Star Award 2011- CETV Awards ~ Top 10 Asian Stars 2011- Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards~ 2011's Most Stylish Actress 2011- China Trend Awards ~ Shining Artist 2011- TV Drama Awards Made in China ~Best Online Popularity


Okay! that is all! if you made it this far, you're a trooper! lol but is anyone of these actresses your favorites? What's your favorite movie or drama from them? What's your thoughts about these two? Comment down below! Annyeong!! ♡ *Photos and videos does not belong to KpopINT. Creds to the rightful owners.

Reporter @parktaemi

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OMG! The young actress is in so many dramas! I'm excited for her most recent drama though because Lee Joong Ki is the lead!
I love Her in "highschool love on"