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"Jackson could you calm down and just take me to the hospital?!" You screamed as the panting turned into rapid breathing. No one told you that going into labor was going to be this painful and stressful. Then again no one told Jackson that he should stop screaming and panicking when you told him your water broke and the baby was coming. Jackson was frantic. He ran around the living room screaming and grabbing random things, stressing about what to do, "Hospital! Wang Jackson take me to the damn hospital! Or else your cleaning the after birth!" Jackson halted and watched you. Hospital. Stat. He grabbed his wallet, keys, and phone, then helped you out the door and to the car. Once he shut his door he started the engine. His hands shook as he buckled in and gripped the steering wheel. He took a deep breath and nodded in silent agreement to himself. If you ever have another child with him, get another driver. Jackson made it to the hospital in record time, signed you in, which he thought was ridiculous. You where in pain and all they cared about is signing you in. So rude. You where soon in a gown and inside a room, screaming about the pain. Jackson finally came in from the hall and ran to your side, "Your parents and friends are on their way, the doctor will be here soon jagi." Jackson gripped your hand and rubbed his thumb over your white knuckles. You just nodded, to focused on breathing as sweat rolled down your forehead. You gripped Jackson's hand like there was no tomorrow and waited, unjustly, for the nurses and doctor. By the time the doctor showed his face, the nurses where working on you. Apparently the child didn't want to wait and decided to pop it's head out. You screamed as you pushed, Jackson staying by your side, his hand squeezed rough by yours. He whispered sweet sayings and words of encouragement as you kept pushing. Once the child was out, you panted, relaxing slightly. There was still more pain though, and that's when you registered that another child was coming. The nurses kept the same procedure as you panicked. There was another child?! But you only saw one on your trips to the ultra sound! "Push Ms. L/N push!" The nurse commanded. You pushed as hard as you could. The last child came out screaming. You panted heavily, your hair in a tattered mess and sticking to your forehead. The babies now bundled and clean, where handed to you and Jackson, "Twins... You had twins..." Jackson gasped in shock as he looked between the two. You just laughed weakly and nodded, "I thought it was only one." You panted as you cradled the baby. They still needed names. Gosh you had no idea. Neither did Jackson. You both stayed still. During your whole pregnancy neither of you thought of names. You kept the gender secret, insisting that the names will pop into your heads as you gazed at the child, but now your regretting the decision. "Well... How about we name this one-" He held the one he was referring to slightly in the air, "Amber. I have a feeling she'll be spunky seeing as she came out last." Jackson winked as he hinted to a certain person. You just chuckled and nodded, one down, one to go. "Well maybe... If she's Amber, then how about this one be named Ember?" "That's a good idea! There twins so why not have similar names!" Jackson proclaimed as he woke the baby. He just chuckled and rocked little Amber in his arms, smiling happily as he cooed the little one back asleep. "Jackson." "Hm?" "Happy Father's Day." "Thank you jagi." Jackson whispered, tears filling his eyes and he smiled like a goof.