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Sanji. . . .
this is so Kawaii
I like this Expression
LOVE this Expression <3 so funny xD
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@LuffyNewman Thanks ^^
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@BlackoutZJ is Gombe a cat or a rabbit? Or both O.o ?
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@HunnaBallue haha well Gombe acts to be a cat but I'd say he is a rabbit based off looks and after the OP time skip def takes on appearance of a rabbit a lot more haha!! The crazy animals of OP!!
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@HunnaBallue I have no clue to be honest... One Piece has always been one of those Shows where new Character designs are not even surprising anymore lol
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Ok that's what I thought but I was watching OP with my Japanese teacher and she said Gombe was a cat because he meowed xD @LuffyNewman
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