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Basically in the chat I'm in, many stan V and the more they spam me the more I'm liking him. BTS just doesn't know how to stay in their lanes. </3 But is it so bad to stan all 7?
Where art thou V stans?? Just some of my favourites of him.
V and Jungkook give me the hardest time!
Tbh the moment v became my bias was when I saw all his tongue actions in the war of hormone mv LOL
@LemonLassie it's all about the forehead!!!!💗 jaja @VictoriaBossier I'll be doing one of each member because they are swerving everywhere
Hobi is my bae lol but taetae is my side bae hahahaha
personally im all about that forehead! haha i love it when he weara his hair back! And when he went blonde omg, deal sealed. Done. Soul was sold. Tae is just one of those that wrecks havoc where ever he goes. And quite literally sometimes 😂😂😁
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