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my Boys where in Marie Claire and Sunday that they want to be close to us B2UTIES even if they get older. Yoseob even shared that this album will be the B2st album that will out shine the others. I can't wait when the album comes out in two weeks. I also know that this album will be the best with Junhyung oppa, Yoseob oppa, and Gikwang oppa writing composting and producing their songs and Doojoon and Dongwoon helping by giving out ideas. I love these boys so much Check below for some photos that where share by allkpop. the boys wanted to show a more mature and relaxed side of them that has grown over the past 7 years. also here is the link for the full article.
Doojoon oppa so handsome
Omg they look so manly
my two bias looking so good omg
the babies of the group. my have they grown
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Love the concept! It's perfect!! 😍😍Love them!!❤❤ They're perfect!!😘😘 I'm super excited! I can't wait!!