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"People always told me I had potential, but they never let me be in a situation where I could see that for myself."

African American Male Achievement (AAMA) is a program started in Oakland high schools to give African American male students the access to successful, inspiring African American male leaders.
With the number African American men being killed in Oakland each year nearly as high as the amount that graduates high school, this program is aimed at giving these boys the tools and outlets they aren't given and the permission to use their talents.
AAMA takes it a step further and also pairs their members up with even younger students, letting them pay it forward and mentor other kids growing up in the same situations.

For anyone who was a mentor, a teacher, a counselor, or just a friend - know that you DO impact the people you help guide.

Glad to see talented people being given the opportunity and encouragement to shine.

Have you ever been a mentor or mentee?

im a black female and you have no idea how happy i am to find out about this program. we desperately need this all over the US. especially here in the south