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For the first time in what seems like forever, my nails are actually long & strong! I usually end up cutting my nails as soon as they are "long" because they are very brittle.

But for once, they're long & seem like they'll hold up just fine!!!

(yes, those are my nails, lol!)
Which has brought me to an interesting dilemma....I don't really know how to take care of them!!! I've never been one to push back the skin on my nail bed, even though I should because mine holds on to my nail and pulls quite far, until the skin gets so thin that I get hang nails. I also never shape my nails with a file or anything.
I've read that I should probably use an oil on my nail beds to keep that skin soft so it won't pull so far up on my nails, but other than that I'm hopeless!!

So I want to know, how do YOU take care of your nails?!

Tagging some nail lovers I've seen around the community!!
Personally, I say just keep you hands moisturized and stay hydrated. I find my nails break easier in the winter because they get so dehydrated and brittle. I love coconut oil for this. I don't use it every day, just once in a while before I go to bed so my hands aren't oily throughout the day. Also, keep filing and shaping them. if a corner breaks, cut it or file it so it doesn't get caught and breaks the nail further. Stay on top of that so 1) the nails look good and 2) they will last longer.
@MariRu Good idea!! I dont want to deal with them chipping right now as well so I'll have no problem doing that :)
You're very welcome @hikaymm One last thing though, try to stay away from nail polish as much as possible. I'm big on nail art but when I'm growing my nails out strong, I find the process is easier when I'm not using any type of nail polish. Best of luck!! :D
Like what @MariRu said, coconut oil can help hydrate the rough surface of the nails. One thing I do pretty is file them. It's easier to shape than clipping them.
@MariRu Thank you!!! I'll try your tips. I'm determined to keep my pretty nails this summer!! hehe. You're the best :)
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