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Disclaimer: I AM NOT GETTING MARRIED! I'm not planning my wedding, I'm not even thinking about getting married! (had to get this out of the way in case friends read this card...)

But I did fall in love with a bridal store...

I was innocently scrolling my Instagram recommended feed this weekend and stumbled upon the sweetest looking bridal shop in New York City.

Meet Stone Fox Bride.

This studio only holds a few dresses per season as they think that the overwhelming amount of dresses in other bridal shops (like what you'd see on Say Yes To The Dress) are sensory overload. They pick the most flattering dresses of the boho-chic style and built their brand around it.

Their studio is also a place to get your hair and makeup done, plan your party favors, and of course, learn how to make flower crowns.

They hold events all the time for brides, bride-to-be's, and just people interested in making beautiful things!

This seems like a great place to be inspired, and I love that they aren't afraid of non-white wedding dresses. That pink ombre gown is awesome!

On their website you can shop gowns, crowns, stationery, and jewelry!

But watch out - the gowns run around $4,000-$5,000! (Website here!)
You can check out their Instagram tag here and fall in love like I did!

Does anyone else love the look of this place?

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@sophiamor lovely store! and yes renting makes more sense to me. why spend thousands on a dress i will only wear once when it will most likely end up dry rotting in my closet for the rest of my life? and most daughters would prefer picking newer dresses of a different style than their mom's outdated dress right?
I absolutely love the look! This shop totally seems like a place I would go to on a daily bases, even though the prices are high. I would just go to that shop to look around and find some inspiration on weddings.
Ah, when I first saw the card I thought maybe you were planning a wedding! The store is beautiful, but $4000 for a gown? No thanks!
Not at those prices. That is insane. I would make my own first. But then again that is what I do (sew) for a living...just not wedding dresses.