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Just when you thought Ronald McDonald was as scary as clowns got, in comes Ronald Osbourne.

From the poofy red wig and the yellow gloves, he's got all the fast food joint's iconic colors in place; however, something sinister boils beneath the surface.
This is Mac Sabbath, a Black Sabbath cover band that combines all things Prince of Darkness with ketchup, mayo, and the occasional sweet and sour dipping sauce. And in this gig, Ronald Osbourne is the fast food world's Prince of Darkness equivalent.

Needless to say, you should be scared. Very scared.

And instead of 'Iron Man', their signature song is 'Frying Pan', which equal parts mocks the quality of fast food and the health of the people who eat it a little too frequently.

Oh, and you've got to see Ronald's bandmates.

There's Slayer MacCheeze, Grimalice, and Catburglar, who looks a whole lot like Peter Criss from the original KISS line-up.

And just like the original Black Sabbath, Ronald and the crew are just as notorious for their extreme stage antics. After attending their concert last summer, music journalist Jake Manson observed a move pulled right out of the Ozzy Osbourne handbook:

"The highlight came when Ronald reached into his takeout bag, pulled out a hamburger with bat wings, and took a massive bite out of it."

So what do you guys think about Mac Sabbath? Have you seen any clown rock this hard?

Let me know if you'd be down to see Mac Sabbath live in concert in the comments below, and for more WTF news, follow my WTF Street Journal collection.
I just want to know how the guy in the purple dildo suit can manage to play the guitar with cartoon gloves on w/of passing the f#€& out... 😂
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hmmmmm, I would think this infringes on some copyright laws??????? I'm surprised McDonald's hasn't done something.....lol.........
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but I guess I ain't seen it all yet......
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...wait, these people actually had a concert?! Is that real! Who would pay money to see it?!
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no words...none at all....except for these of course...but they dont count...neither do these....
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