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We all know that the majority of kpop groups have a group mom and dad, some more obvious than others. And today we celebrate the kpop dads, these are just a few dads in groups I know, feel free to list more dads below. (Papa YG ♥)
Seventeen Dad: S. Coups (with mom Jeonghan)
BTS Dad(we all know who it is): Namjoon (with mom Jin)
B.A.P Dad: Yongguk (In an interview the members even said he'd be a great dad)
Big Bang Dad: TOP (with mom G-Dragon)
EXO Dad (I know he's no longer a member but from what I've seen online people still consider him EXO's best dad): Kris (With mom Suho)
iKon Dad: Hanbin (with mom Bobby)
SHINee Dad: Minho (with mom Onew)
Super Junior Dad (I'm not that big of a fan of SJ, so this one is all what fans have said): Kangin
(One of my personal favorites) Topp Dogg Dad: P-Goon (If you haven't seen their show with Soompi it's called All Kill go watch!!!)
VIXX Dad: Leo (with mom N. I think Leo is more of the quite, kinda awkward dad and N is just a scary mom, ST☆RLIGHT you know what I mean.)
Block B Dad: Zico (with mom Kyung, for obvious reasons...)
Monsta X Dad: Shownu
So these are the dads that I and the internet have decided on for these groups. If you have other dads from other groups not mentioned or maybe you have a different dad in mind for these groups, feel free to leave them in the comments. ♥3♥
Happy (late) Kpop Fathers day