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I have decided to just finishmy trip to Korea before I post everything instead of updates. I'm going to do Busan fist because I have less to say about it. oh and btw thoes aren't clouds, it's pollution.
the clouds consumed everything. and apparently Jin made me famous. thx Jin.
these men started dancing on the ship... no there wasn't any music. XD
I saw an advertisement for The King And His Clowns. if you've seen that movie you know what I'm talking about. then there was a wreck in front of the hotel. not pretty. it took a long time for the cars to get moved and it caused an even bigger traffic jam. luckly no one was hurt. the blue car pulled out when she wasn't supposed too. after that there were these random fire works.
this is Hawaiian bingsu and bts advertising chicken.
I always heard that Busan is the shopping capitol of Korea, but I guess the area we were in was different because we weren't around any shops. The women here are very friendly, however most of the ahjussies weren't. it's funny because everywhere we went an ahjussies chin would hit the floor and they would just stare, hard. also when I first arrived the locals couldn't understand my Korean at all. they could only understand my moms English, but after the 2nd day everyone began to understand me. idk what that was about. My honest opinion: I prefer Seoul. (I'll do a card on Seoul later) Busan has less restaurants, shopping, and the ahjussies are a much more racist. it was difficult to get around because of this. I'm sure this isn't completely true. it was probably because of the part we were in. All the little kids had thoes squeak shoes and everyone had a dog. I'm sorry I'm really bad at doing reviews. I'm tired and I honestly don't like saying negative things. Busan isn't a bad place I actually enjoyed myself, but Seoul just vibes with me more.
so excited to see more posts.....I feel like because some parts of Busan are super populated like seoul people aren't used to foreigners thus the reactions but besides that hope you are enjoying your trip!
PS just checked and there is a travel busan community!!! you should add your card there and travel south korea too^^
That tarzan street art is so random but LOL at the store named Lauren! Can't wait to hear about the rest of your trip (especially since you liked seoul better!!!)
@kpopandkimchi thanks. my review isn't that great but I'll do that
Can't wait to hear more!