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When News Sites Don't Know Who Lee Minho Is...

I was googling Lee Minho and this was the first thing to come up in Google News.

I clicked because....that's not Minho lol.

Plus isn't their break up sort of old news?

Anyway, don't drag Woobin into drama he's not involved in, check yo facts!

I have read the articles. The photo is of course of Kim Woon Bin not Lee Minho. Yes there was rumours earlier about LMH and Suzy break up.But it was squashed. KWB is actress Shi Min Ah's boyfriend. KWB were together with Suzy Bae recently because they acted together on the drama "uncontrollably fond". As far as I know both LMH and BAE SUZY is relationship still strong.
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Lol, it's because he didn't get Cha Eun Sang in Heirs 馃槃
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Haha lol. Some of those sites just need to stop trying.
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I wonder if it's true too cause I think it would be a bug fuss cause they were the "it" couple
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they broke up? i thought those were false rumors
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