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I'm here to help with that! The main appeals of this show are music, friendship and cute girls. What more could you ask for?!
If you liked Love Live, you'll definitely like this. If you didn't watch Love Live....there's no reason you can't watch this, because they have separate casts!! :D
This is one of Aqours (pronounced Aqua, the group that will form in Love Live Sunshine!! anime)'s songs! The song is really cute, and you can see the appeal of the girls in it, right? Can you pick out a favorite yet?

Here are the first year students (the youngest)!

Here are the second years!

And here are the third years, the oldest!

Kanan is proooobably going to be my favorite, but I won't say for sure until the anime comes out. It starts veryyyy soon so start paying attention if you haven't yet!