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I finally did it. I did the unthinkable.
I mustered up all my courage to finally watch Hybrid Child. It was written by one of my fave BL mangaka Nakamura Shinguku (same mangaka for Sekaiichi and Junjou). I was too afraid because I watch BL to ease away stress and watching one with a sad twist isn't good for my mental health. But I thought... what the hell so I gave it a try.
The first episode was bittersweet and I thought if this is how bad it gets, maybe I can handle it.
The 2nd episode is awkward as hell... but cute. It isn't sad at all and Seya is hot af. Let me just say that his seiyuu's voice sealed the deal. Anyway after this, I thought... well it isn't that bad.
Then these episodes came.... and...
Holyshitmotherfacka.... I take it back. I TAKE IT ALL BACK. I was too naive to think I could handle it. I am scarred for life. It hurts. It hurts so fucking bad I can't even stop watching it. The OVA was too good and too bad. Too sad and too beautiful. I hate it. I hate it... *curls myself into a pool of unwarranted emotions*
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@NellNinja i thought that too. worst decision ever.馃槶
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I've only seen the first episode. Been meaning to finish it
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@iixel you'd be fine. before the third episode however, you need to really decide whether you wish to go on or not.
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@aiaconcarne I'll watch it all eventually. Just need to find the time
a year agoReply
finished the first season then never continued after that lol
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