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After posting a depoting tip the other day, I realized that I'm really not sure why people depot things. I mean, I see people do it often enough that I knew it would be helpful, but I was wondering what people's reasons usually are.
Here's a few reasons you might consider:

1) The packaging is falling apart or dirty.

Depotting can allow you to get rid of the messed up packaging and keep the makeup you need. This girl had a problem with one of her naked palettes packaging being too gross, so she put them all together!

2) The packaging is too bulky for your purposes.

Maybe you're a makeup artist, or someone who travels a lot. But you want to only bring this blush and that eyeshadow -- depotting can allow you to combine them into something more streamlined & manageable.
This girl did it with all her Naked palettes!

3) You never use certain colors, and opening the palettes over and over again is annoying.

If you only ever reach for 2 colors in palette A and 3 in palette B, combining them into their own palette can make your perfect palette!

4) You've panned all but 1 or 2 colors in a palette.

Why keep that big thing keeping space? Just take them out!

5) If you want to really de-stash & condense.

(these are all repressed ^^)
Some people realize they've just bought way too much, and they only want to keep certain colors. You can keep those and repress them all into one, uniform palette so that you can keep what you actually use and get rid of the rest!

6) To get rid of not useful packaging!

Wet 'n wild has great products, but their packaging is often HORRIBLE. You can depot them into better packaging :)

7) For Travel!

(The Kool Chicken shared this awesome kit!)
Depotting face creams, smaller eyeshadow pans and more can be great for making your own personalized travel kit!

Do you depot? Why?

I have make a travel pack for my skin products, even though I don't travel frequently but really reachable. lol but no.6 idea for depot lipstick give me idea!. great.
I'm trying to find your depot card, do you have the link?
I depot mainly to condense and for travel. Taking a bunch of small pots of loose eyeshadow with you everywhere can get annoying. I depot ALL my loose eyeshadows into pallets and alot of the lipsticks. It's less mess and more sanitary. 馃槉
@JamiMilsap I'm the same!! I actually started making this card so I could figure out why some people find it useful (because I didn't get it before)....but now I can totally see the use!
@Animaniafreak Oh sorry I thought I had linked it haha! It's here. https://www.vingle.net/posts/1637293-The-Easiest-Depotting-Trick-Ever This is just for some items, though, you might have to look up the specific palette you're trying to depot to have better success :)
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