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General PSA about online bullying.

If you feel personally attacked by anyone in this community, or on this app, please let me, any of the Moderators, or Vingle staff know.

This cannot be tolerated.

Today I was sent a really hostile message simply because I tagged someone on a card. They called me a bunch of things that made no sense and didn't explain why they were so upset with me.
If you'd like to be removed from a tag list, please just send me (or whoever) a message saying "Hey can I please be removed from your tag list? Thanks!" and voila, done!

There is no need for hostility when we have such an awesome family here!

This is meant to be the one place we can always rely on to be safe and accepted for who we are. Let's keep it that way.


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Why would a simple "tag" be so harsh to start with!!! And "a person" can simply be mature enough just by asking like a normal "manner" adult/Teens/Kids/Baby <--okay maybe not baby. (Hey, can you remove me from the tag list. Thanks) >_< is not that hard right??!! Why have to be so RUDE!!! (why do I feel like to sing the song) Feel sorry for what you had to go through @kpopandkimchi
that's so mean :( shouldn't have to be like that :(
I'm sorry but to me that doesn't make sense. How come he/she's like that only bc you tagged him/her. People nowadays have serious problems.
Im so sorry someone sent you that message. You're so kind to everyone here and you helped boost my confidence in learning Korean with your message. I guess people are too sensitive these days. ILY and I hope you finally got some watermelon. :) 💕💕
Sorry to say, but I don't visit Vinglers as much as I used to. There is more vulgar language and I just don't go for that. I wish people would realize you don't have to be smutty to get your point across. It just makes them sound cheap. Please ladies and gentlemen have some respect for yourself and others and avoid the foul language and lude comments. It makes for a much more pleasant atmosphere.