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First, I would like to apologize for disappearing for a while, but I'm back now! I think. I haven't been working on my stories and I'm very behind schedule. I will try to put more effort into updating, but there is no guarantee that I will update quickly. For those of you that have been checking up on me, thank you all so much! It feels great knowing that I'm cared for. (: Anyways, most of this story is based on real life events. Also, while writing this I was listening to Wu YiFan's 'There is A Place'. So I used him for this story. Either way, enjoy! Genre; Mild Fluff; Angst. ~ Breathing. It could be heard throughout this passionate and intimate night between us. Little sounds coming out of our mouths, making our marks on each others bodies. Feeling every touch on our sensitive bodies, making us feel alive in this almost dead world. Oh, how I will miss this. Oh, how I missed us. Knowing what tomorrow will bring, I can't help but want you more. This story will not falter, not today, not tomorrow. Oh, I can hear your voice in my mind. ▫ His cold eyes stared right into mine, showing no sign of usual self. It breaks my heart knowing that this might be the results of our usual quarrel about stupid things without meaning. He rolled his eyes and tried to walk right past me. I took a breath and grabbed his arm before he left. I turned around and glared at him, "Talk to me!" I shouted. “It's over,” he whispered. His tall figure towering over me, but at this moment, he seemed small. “Okay,” I mumbled, tired of everything. Shrugging off his words, like water flowing down my fingers made life easier. His brows furrowed as if he didn't hear me correctly. “‘Okay'? Do you even care?” he asked, his voice tinged with A little rage. I chuckled to myself, already knowing where this is going. “What did you expect? For me to go on my knees and beg you to stay? Or for me to kiss your ring and say, ‘I‘m sorry for not being the one you need’?” He quickly looked away, knowing that his true intentions were out. Jackpot. “You're not even going to fight for me? Wow. It really does show how much I mean to you.” He crossed his arms, his voice now taken over by disgust as he looked at me up and down. Oh sweety, two weeks ago you were begging to hold me. “Meant. You meant so much to me- but it’s over now. You came to me, expecting for me to say sorry to you. Sorry for not being enough; sorry for not trying my hardest. But here I am telling you, I'm not going to fight for you. I lost a piece of my dignity when I had to apologize to you for trying to save a friend. I get it; I shouldn't have walked those three miles, but making me apologize in doing something that I thought was right?” He blinked a few times, letting my words sink in. I, however gave him no chance to reply. “After apologizing for so long, I didn't realize how low I've gone. Days later, I questioned why you cared. What was your response? ‘Now you're questioning why I cared? I'm sorry if giving a shit is too much.’ Making me apologize once more. But sweetie, I realized something.-” I took a breath, knowing that I was about to give him a piece of my twisted mind,- “I don't have to think lowly of myself for those who aren't worth it. I should not apologize for doing what I believe in is right. I shouldn't beat myself up in thinking what I did wrong. And most of all, I don't have to fight for people who don't appreciate who I am. I ignore people, yes. I'm not the best or the kindest person, but on this walk of life… I can follow my heart, I just have to take my brain with me.” Having a conversation like this at 8 pm, really ruins my Saturday night. Him, standing in my doorway is enough to get me angry, but I've learned to keep my facial expressions in check. Kris, on the other hand, was fuming. His hands clenching and unclenching, with a few veins popping out. “Why couldn't you just fight for me? How is it that you can let me go so easily?” His voice low and calm. I remember his voice once bringing me butterflies to my stomach, but now the butterflies are gone leaving a feeling of pure poison in my stomach. Who knew that the guy I was head over heels for- is now the guy I despise the most? “Easily? Just as easy as you coming to my doorstep and telling me that It's over. Besides, Why fight for something that was never mine in the first place? Or better yet, Why fight for someone who lost me? I'm not losing you, if anything; you're losing me. And it sure does feel damn great.” I turned around, knowing there isn't much to be said anymore. His next question, caught me off guard. “What happened to us?” I turned to him, “You couldn't find a single beauty in this world therefore, you couldn't find anything worth living for. You let me go, the moment I became like the rest of your world. Trash and filth. I just decided not to try to battle my way to find beauty in your world anymore.” I walked inside my house, shutting the door. It was at that moment, where I could hear your voice. But this time you weren't letting me go, you were begging me to stay. Too bad you finally found my worth after I've already left your life.
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