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So I'm going to start this "Spoiler Monday" featuring Fairy Tail! I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I will!
I told you guys that Gajeel wasn't dead!!! You guys know Hiro likes to troll with us! It just didn't make any sense to kill off an important character especially a good one at that!!! I just can't wait until he and Levy reunite!!! I want that kiss scene badly!! And Zera is back as well!!!! I can't wait to see where this is going and how she'll help out!
Zeref is looking mighty fine here... Lady Eileen's method was very interesting and kinda needed as well because she literally sped up this war and finally we got the confrontation between Zeref and Mavis... But at the cost of Fiore being smaller in size and everything was completely altered...
And I can't wait for the fighting to begin!!!!! Ugh I'm too excited for next week's chapter!!! I want another one!!
This chapter was also great! I give it 10/10... I would have liked to see a bit more action but we got Gajeel and Zera back... The reunion between Mavis and Zeref.. And Natsu groped Lucy... Again... Seriously those need to get together ASAP... Here's the link to the latest chapter:
HELL YEA!!!! This is awesome!! *Sticks tongue out to all the people who said Gajeel died*
Called it! Knew he wasn't dead. But omg Zera though!!!!
thank god gajeeeeeelllll
Yay Gale Ship isn't dead 😭😭😭
Exactly!! Ahh I'm so glad (: @PRroxx05
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