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When Paul's sister's son heard of their lying in wait, he went... and told Paul. Nothing is more sure than that God keeps guard on the lives of those who are carrying out His plans. No bullet can strike down on the battlefield today the man for whom The Lord has work tomorrow. Paul had been assured that he must witness for Christ at Rome. The next day there was a conspiracy to kill him. But his enemies could not touch him. He was under divine protection. Strange are the providences by which God carries out His purposes. We do not know anything about Paul’s sister’s son – we have only one glimpse of him. Somehow this young man had heard of the conspiracy. He was brave enough to run risks in getting word to Paul. The human links are important in working out God’s deliverance. We must always be ready to do our duty in helping those who are in trouble. Our part may be the essential one, and our neglect may result in the failure of the whole scheme.