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first off... I am soooooooo sorry i haven't been real active lately! Summer is getting into full swing, which means work has been CRAZY. I hardly know what way is up some days, and the days I do...well, I'm so freakin' exhausted I don't want to do anything or see anyone. Yes, lately I have been a hermit outside of work. The few friends I have locally... I haven't seen any of them.
ANYWAY!!! The meaning of this whole thing. We all know about the myraid of comebacks. Well, since I only listen to Pandora Radio for my Kpop music fix, since it's all I listen to n I live no where near a big city that could possibly have a Korean radio station... Sorry, I'm rambling. This past week or so I have heard TONS of the new comebacks. Some I have already posted in other cards, and I hope I don't repeat any. If i do...oh well.
First up! BTS 'Fire'. Okay, so my stupid music feed played 'Save Me' like a million times before it FINALLY played 'Fire'. 😳😳 Stoopid technology. (speaking of tech...Pics arent great; trying to get my phone to focus on my TV screen? um...yeah. no.)
Second up! Monsta X: 'All In' and 'Stuck'. I was surprised that this came on so soon, but sooo happy it did!! But I heard 'Stuck' before 'All In'... 😢😢
and lastly...(for now till I hear MORE) EXO 'Monster'. I think this one took two days to come on. πŸ˜„
I have heard music from Seventeen's Love&Letter...but didnt manage to take pics. Mostly 'Chuck' and 'Pretty U'. Same for Got7. I have heard 'Fly' and 'Home Run', and a few others from Fly that I cant remember the names to right now. I think i need breakfast and coffee...
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I love Pandora, like right after VIXX's comeback with Dynamite, I had Pandora playing while I was cleaning the kitchen and that song came on. I was so excited and happy. Same for BTS and EXO comebacks
You know you're a kpop fan when you start randomly combusting into song as you see the cards........ And at the end, you hear Amber's voice in your head as you read the last cardπŸ˜†πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
That is so kool.. I feel so proud.. Kpop is getting recognition. I love all BTS songs but... Exo- Monster has me hooked.. It's sooo good!!
@MirandaStephens no no...I LOVE 'Save Me'. I was just frustrated that they played Save Me so many times before I got to hear Fire.
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