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So, I have been breaking my head lately, with all the concerts and the KCON coming up. So i made a decision...
I Will skip KCON and GOT7.
The Reasons: Got7 tickets were sold out almost the same day they were released. By that time, i was planning on going to KCONNY, so i didn't buy the tickets then. BTS confirmed LA roo, so i thought: "Then I'll better go to LA since tickets come out later, so it gives me more time to gather the money" So i didn't buy tickets either and now they are all sold out and the date is way too close. So I'm left with KCONLA, i still don't have enough money for the tickets, not to mention i need money for the plane ticket, the hotel room and other stuff, AND Subkulture Ent. Just confirmed a SHINee fanmeet and TBH it's better than just a fan engagement that i am not sure i could get, but it's On the same Sunday as KCON. The same day BTS and MONSTAX are on concert.
So my resolution is, I'm probably skipping KCONLA, *cries in international central time fan* and going to Dallas to SHINee's fanmeet. It's closer to me, i live in Oklahoma, is cheaper, and i have more chance of getting to meet them on a more personal level. (Meaning a one on one conversation) I know BTS will confirm a tour soon, and Monsta X will surely come back on the next 6 months after seeing how many fans they have. So i can enjoy a whole evening with SHINee and then a Whole BTS concert and probably a whole MonstaX concert/fanmeet. Still, thoe, I'm planning on starting a Youtube channel, how original , where i would be talking not only about kpop, but also Japanese music, anime, videogames, movies, tv series, Horror stuff, probably sports, books, all the stuff that has a fandom. And probably uploading vocal covers. I'm gonna be sharing the link as soon as it's ready. If anyone is interested.
Sorry about the rant, i needed to let this go, my head is a hurricane, and i didn't have someone to tell this to. If someone goes to KCON please take a pic of MonstaX Wonho's abs, and BTS Jimin's butt for me.
Bye bye!
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it's okay, I'm having the same problem with going to dallas to either see illionaire or seeing shinee for the fan meet
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