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TOP: 엥..이정도는 아닌데? ㅋㅋ (eng ijongdoneun aninde? kk) " to this extent? lol" Vocabulary: : eh (expression) 이정도는: 이= this 정도= degree, extent 아닌데: It's not Credit: To @bb.translations on IG What is TOP's hyung doing? Doesn't he know TOP doesn't know how to deal with this level of nakedness? 🙈 but I do! 👀🕵😂. This was TOP's comment on @hongjanghyun IG. Tag List: @JackieG1617 Let me know if you wanna be tagged!😁
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@BBxGD is not TOP. It's his hyung, he commented on his picture 😂
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@RedChord omg you flip my little v.i.p world upside down xD good one
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The fact thar i neverrrrrrrr saw this 😂😂😂😂 @xroyalreisx @RedChord
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Can you please tag me in these kind of cards? This is an awesome way to learn! Thnx 😊
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@MonAnnahiX I will 😁.
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