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This challenge was Added by @AlexisRiver in the "What line I'm I card". it looked like fun so I decided why not do one. I'm also tagging anyone in the kpop community who is interested to also do one.
So I'm a "97 liner Kpop idol that are also 97 liners are;
BAMBAM GOT7 - May 2 1997 Also known as the boy from Thailand my oppa by 17 days
Park Jimin 15&- July 5 1997 winner of sbs k-pop star season 1 youngest mc on A song for you I'm her unnie by 1 month and 17 days
Jun U-Kiss- January 22 1997 youngest member in u-kiss brother of Ss501 Kim hyun Jun my oppa by 3 months and 28 days
Jungkook BTS- September 1 1997 I'm his noona by 5 months
Maru C-Clown- September 25 1997 I'm his noona by 5 months
Tia Chocolat- March 15 1997 my unnie by 3 months and 4 days
Also I was born on 19th of May 1997 My birthday mates are
Laboum's Haein- May 19th 1995 my unnie by 2 years Aww she's my ultimate Laboum bias
Up10tion's Kogyeol - May 19th 1996 my oppa by 1 year
Who is your Seoulmate. Find your birth year or date partner. I tag everyone who is into kpop to do this challenge. Annyeong
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I love that you added Maru^^ it crushed my heart when I heard that they disbanded 😢😢