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(No idea where Jian ran off during this family potrait - this was last year before their debut) Meeting this kids again in a weeks thought I'd put this up #ThrowBack Excited & proud at the same time to meet them again. Talented and adorable boys they are. They made quite an impression on everyone. Best part was hearing non-kpop guy friends commenting that they are good and they don't look like a rookie...My work is done as a K-pop ambassador!!! *pats back* For the record, that little dude I'm holding is not my kid P.S. If anyone wants to be tagged in my future K-Venture Dairy. Leave your names in the comment.
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@lovelikematoi haha…yeah, same feels here. Also, around this time his hair was on point 😁 He's pretty shy toh…
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aww really??? that makes him even cuter to me XD lol
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@lovelikematoi yeah...he is. Will see if he has change or not when I meet him this time. Taeho is a cutie, scores major pointers in fanservice hahaha.
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thats awesome that you get to meet kpop idols! i hope he doesn't change. and omg fanservice?! lol!
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@lovelikematoi hahaha perks of the job I guess. Yeah...Taeho is. He knows how to get fans attention on stage and off stage too hahaha Besides that all of them are pretty chilled and friendly.
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