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Wild Chives and Soy Bean Soup: 12 Years Reunion.... No joke, that's what the actual title is. Apparently 달래 된, 장국: 12 년만의 재회, the title itself is a pun. It can also mean "Jang Guk becomes Dal-Rae: Reunion in 12 years". The female leads name is Jang Guk, which means 'clear soup with doenjang' which she later changes to Dal-rae, meaning azalea. Another thing that I found weird, 4 of the actors that I've seen, I recognized in another drama that I watched previously. Literally, all 4 of then were in this same drama, but their characters were kinda switched I really did enjoy this drama a lot. This drama wasn't as "fictional" I would say. What with the most typical story of the mean/rich boy picks on the nice/poor girl and in the end they still get together regardless. This drama had a story of something problematic that actually happens in reality. I'm not going to say what it is, because I don't want to spoil it, but with this situation that happened, it made this drama part of the top of my list to recommend others to watch. With that aside, let me introduce the "main" characters in this drama.
First we have Yoon So-hee 윤소히 and Lee So-yeon 이소연, who both play as Jang Guk 장궄 aka Jang Dal-rae 장달래. She's a Busan raised girl who had to move to Seoul after the event of her father dying (and this isn't the incident I was talking about ).
Next we have Lee Won-keun 이원콘 and Namgung Min 남궁민, who both play as Yu Jun-su 유준수. He's a straight A, senior class president of the high school he goes to. He later meets Jang Guk, which he kinda takes under his wing to be friends with, which later becomes more.
Then we have Ryu Hyoyoung 류휴융 and Lee Tae-im 이태임, who play as Ju Da-hae 쥬다해. Both her and Yu Jun-su have known each other since childhood, and although Jun-su sees her as a close childhood friend, Da-hae's feelings for him developed into more then that. So you can already guess the conflict that's going to happen between her and Jang Guk.
As I said before, I really did enjoy watching this drama. It does bring up a situation, in reality, that happens more and more as the years go, and the consequences that can happen. BUT like in a typical drama, this had a happy ending. Besides that, I really hope you guys give this a look. It's a really good drama. You can also find this on Netflix titled "12 Years Promise". I literally bindged watch this whole drama over the weekend while babysitting
I watched this one. It was pretty good. The whole baby thing was very sad. Both their mothers made me want to strangle them, lol... Thank god I never had a mom like that
@cindystran okies 😆
I also watched this one. The plot is very original. Originally, I expected a bit more for the ending but now that I think about it, the ending is perfect. Please tag me if you do another k-drama review. :D