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Take my Storage

So we all know how iPhones are THE WORST for storage Well I have too many KPOP pics and I figured that I could leave them on here for reference Take my KPOP pictures and handle them with care (A lot of these pictures came from Vingle/Pinterest so if you see your picture, I am by no means taking credit for it, none of these are mine)
Most of the pictures on this card will be HD and wallpaper-worthy (That's why I keep them)
And this is where the spam of Zion.T comes
Nah, no obsession here
Jimin definitely came from Vingle, I was writing a oneshot to go with it but I haven't quite finished #8 is my edit that I did for fun, the actual picture is in the second section
Well, that's all I can fit in this one As you can tell I have a slight obsession with HD pictures. I usually end up saving them no matter who they are, as long as they're one of my babies Well this was basically for my benefit but I hope you were able to find something nice as well<3
(TOTALLY NOT ADVERTISING MY OWN WORK) PLEASE go read my story, It's called I Love Your Mama It's a Krisho and it's about Suho having 10 kids๐Ÿ˜‚ (Sorry I'm on an iPhone it won't link it) ~the description~ Kim Junmyeon found himself single with ten boys to take care of. After agreeing to take over his grandmother's foster home after she passed away, the government threatened to take all the kids away. Having grown close to them, Junmyeon, on a whim, adopted all ten of the boys under his name. He would never say it was a mistake, but he was regretting not having someone to help him out. All ten of the Kim boys are starting back to school and were specifically placed in the same class by request (from both their father and the teacher), the exact class that is to receive a new Chinese teacher. The boys don't mind it much, until they start receiving gifts from their teacher. How did he know they needed more toothpaste?
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