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Ch. 16
The first two weeks of practice went surprisingly well, Jimin was a complete professional after our little fight. I think he was trying not to make me mad. I’ll admit though, I was enjoying his company he would make me laugh. I forgot how funny and cute he could be, it’s part of his charm. The only downside was that my time with Yoongi became less and less. I felt like I was neglecting him. Yoongi assured me that it was fine, he understood, he was busy too.
“I’m sorry, I won’t be able to come over tonight as well. Jimin and I are working on his songs.” I explain to Yoongi. I could hear the disappointment in his voice.
“I promise I’ll make it up to you, actually I do have a surprise for you, just wait okay.” I explain.
“I understand your busy, I’m busy too, it’s really no big deal. But can I ask a question?” Yoongi asks.
“Sure what.” I reply waiting for the question.
“Jimin, he’s not flirting with you is he?” Yoongi asks. I laugh at his question; how could he be jealous.
“Um, no he’s not flirting with me. I’d punch him if he tried.” I reply trying to reassure Yoongi.
“Okay, I trust you, I just don’t trust him. He looks like someone who would be a player.” Yoongi admitted. I agreed with Yoongi before saying our goodbyes.
*End flashback*
Jimin’s POV
I’m sitting in the chair next to the piano while YN is practicing her pieces for the festival. I’m trying to focus on some paper work, but I find I can’t concentrate at all. I keep looking at her and I feel I’m falling deeper and deeper in love with her. “Damn it, why did I have to be selfish and ruin a good thing.” I scold myself in my thoughts.
“Are you hungry, you wanna order some pizza?” YN asks. I just nod my head in response. I put my papers down and get up from my chair stretching, I run my hands down my legs straightening my jeans out. YN is walking over to the coffee table to grab her phone, she has her back to me. I watch her as she dials the restaurant and listen as she orders the pizza. “She still remembers my favorite.” I mumble to myself and smile.
“Babe, pizza’s here!” I shout from the door as I close it. YN comes running from her bedroom.
“Yay! I’m starving I could eat this whole thing by myself.” YN says as she takes the pizza box from my hands.
“Hey now, I need to eat too, I’m just a growing boy after all.” I say with a wink.
“Come get it little boy.” YN says as she sticks her tongue out at me heading for the kitchen.
“Hey I’m taller than you child.” I follow her into the kitchen and wrap my arms around her pulling her close.
“See, what I mean shorty.” I said as YN stands up straight and standing on her tip toes trying to gain a couple inches but I’m still taller.”
“Ugh, being short sucks.” YN said and beings to pout. I turn her around and look her in the eyes, placing my hands on her shoulders.
“Your just right for me.” I said and plant a quick kiss on her lips.
*End flashback*
“Hey, Pizza is here. You wanna come back to earth?” I said to Jimin as I wave my hands in his face. Jimin blinks a couple of times.
“Oh I’m sorry I was spacing out.” Jimin said.
“No problems, I do that too.” I said as I set the pizza box on the counter and turn around to get the plates, but they were kinda high so I had to reach for them. I was having troubles and that’s when I feel a heavy weight press against me.
“What are you- “I stop as I see Jimin’s hand reach for the plates. My breath hitches in my throat, I become nervous at the fact that he’s this close to me.
Jimin walks over to me and leans against me, putting one hand on the counter for leverage he reaches for the plates on the middle shelf where I couldn’t reach. As he gets them down he brushes his head close to my neck and I feel his lips softly kissing my neck. I moan in response. He defiantly knows what he’s doing and how to turn me on like a light switch.
Jimin places the plates on the counter beside me, and I turn around, Jimin meets me with a passionate kiss. I completely melt into his kiss the feeling he gives me goosebumps start to rise on my skin. My heart beating like it’s going to escape. I’m grateful that he chose me, that he stopped being a player because of me. I’m so happy at this moment, if he asked me to marry him I would say yes with no hesitation.
*End flashback*
Jimin steps away with the plates and walks back around to the other side of the counter, he sets the plates down and opens the pizza box places pieces of pizza on the plates.
“Thanks, what would you like to drink?” I ask Jimin.
“Do you have any beer or suju?” Jimin asks. I nod my head and move to the fridge to pull out a bottle of beer and a bottle of suju and a soda for me.
“You’re not drinking alcohol? Jimin asks.
“Nope, I’m more of a wine girl, and I don’t have any at the moment so.” I explain.
“Wow, you’ve changed a lot in two years.” Jimin said. I look ng at him confused.
“How have I changed?” I ask.
“The girl I remember enjoyed pizza and beer or suju.” Jimin replied.
“Yeah, well I was younger too, and naive. Plus, being at all those fancy parties and things were they mostly serve wine, your kind of develop a taste for it.” I answer back. Jimin just nods his head as he eats his pizza.
“Does wine still affect you the same?” Jimin asks. I knew what he was talking about, how my tolerance for wine is very low and how it puts me into a coma. Without really thinking about anything else I nodded my head in reply to his question.
“Sadly, yes. I was drinking with Yoongi the other night and I passed out.” I said. Jimin looked like he wasn’t happy with that information. And I could have hit myself for bringing it up. One of the problems I have with Jimin I can feel so comfortable with him that I can’t lie or keep anything from him and he knows that and uses it to his advantage.
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