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After what feels like ages since "Shake It" Sistar have finally returned to take their rightful place as Queens of Summer once again!!!

Their new track "I Like That" is literally amazing!!! And they all look so stunning!!!!!!!!!

If you know me, then you know that Sistar introduced me to K-Pop and I have been in love with them ever since, so I'm having a very hard time keeping it together with this comeback 😂 I'll go now before I embarrass myself fanboying too hard hahaha Song: I Like That - Sistar Credit to: Starship Entertainment
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@KaitlynHewitt even in the V app recording they said Dasom was the main actress...
@FalseLove thats what i said
@KaitlynHewitt unfortunately with how the music industry works the most popular members get the most lines/screen time however from what I've heard of the demos of the other songs on the album, Dasom does have more lines in the other songs on the mini album... I know you're not hating, when you love all the members of a group it can be very difficult to see some of them get put in the background, definitely know how you feel :)
Totally agree - love this!!
Tbh Sistar makes me question my sexuality at times, since I love them so much.