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I was watching the newest GOT2Day with Jackson and Yugyeom, towards the end Jackson started talking about this thing with 94liners. Being a 94liner myself I had to agree~
I dont express myself very well most of the time, especially when it comes to showing affection and stuff for people i charish such as friends and family. And even though Im like this, I have always been doing things to support or take care of those i charish. Even in the smallest of ways which most people would not even notice. Since college started I have found really really good friends that are a little more observant than any past friends ive had, and they tend to point out these things i do to take of them as my friends. Im really not used to that at all so i get a little embarrassed and shy about it haha. Anyways I just had a completely agree with you Jackson moment and felt like sharing ^^
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hey so do people in 95liners to lol 95liner all day