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Ch.6 Title: Meeting Sunlee pov. I slowly opened my eyes and saw jimin next to me still asleep. I smile and just looked at his face. I saw him slowly awaken. So closed my eyes and see what happens. Jimin pov. So i woke up and still saw my precious sunlee still asleep. I started at her face until she turn over and hit my face. I heard her laugh at me. Yah are you awake. Yeh i been awake dummy. Oh, i asked her what happen and how she got in the hospital. She told me and i was shocked. Kiyong was trying to kill my sunlee. I have to protect my sunlee for now on. Soon the doctor came in and said she could leave or stay if she feels better. I looked at sunlee and asked her if she's okay now. She said kind off it wouldn't hurt to go home. The doctor chuckled and said okay you guys can leave whenever you guys are ready just tell one of the staff okay. Alright doctor. About an hour later we left the hospital and we were at home. Sunlee got a call from her company and she had to go record her song. She told me to stay home and watch the house but i said no i wanted to go. She eventually let me go with her. I drove to the building and followed her inside. Since there was fans i had to cover up because you know we cant let the fans know were in an arrange marriage. I acted like i was her manger until i entered the building. Once i got in the building i was being dragged by sunlee to the studio she will be singing in. When i enter i saw jb hyung in the studio. Oh annyeong hyung Oh jimin annyeong Sunlee pov. Wait wait wait jb oppa knows jimin. Man they sure are having a long conversation first they went to hows it going to their video games. Oh boy their going to be here for a while i just got to record this song for 10 minutes. Couple of hours later they were done talking FINALLY. Its 8:00pm they were literally talking for 3 or 4 hours. While i was done 2 hours ago. Sunlee do you want to go home? Yes i been wanting to go home for the pass couple of hours while you were talking to jb oppa. This ain't fair What is not fair You call everyone who's older then you oppa but how come you dont call me oppa. Why should i call you oppa(evil smirk) Because im older then you and im your finance. Good point ill think about it(evil smirk) We finally got home and i ran to the bedroom and sat on the bed. Jimin soon came after and layed on the bed. My phone started ringing and i looked at the caller ID. It was daeyong. I picked it up and said Hello Annyeong sunlee-ah haha... How you been. Good and you Somewhat good Oh okay. Why did you call me anyways? Because i started missing you. Jimin heard those words got mad(jealous) Why do you miss me? Didnt you find a new girlfriend when we broke up. Yeah but i miss you more then usual. Oh Did you find a new guy after we broke up Yeah like 2 weeks after.. Oh daeyong said in a sad tone Well i gotta go I'll talk to you later or whenever Okay bye I hung up the phone and jimin just stared at me and then looked away. //is he jealous, i know what will make him happy// Jimin pov. Sunlee got off the phone with someone. Who is this person? I said to myself i gave her that if he's your ex boyfriend ill mess him up. I saw that she got up and loom at me and said yeobo gwenchana(i think i spelled that right, if not then ill change it later) Neh/i lied/ So anyways she peck my check and I blushed for reason and she just caught at me Later that night I took sunlee to a restaurant in Seoul. We sat near the window and order our foods. Sunlee kept starting at this guy with a shocked face. Sunlee pov. //OMG WHY IS DAEYONG HERE WITH MY BROTHER! THIS WILL NOT BE GOOD.//(There going to fight) Sehun pov. So I walk into this restaurant saw saw the guy who broke my little sister heart. I walk up to him and he noticed I was and ran. I looked over to see if any exo fan was here but nope. But I did see my sister here with a guy. I walk over Yah! Why are you here? Because I wanna be. Yah who is he. He's my fiance park jimin. Park Jimin like as bangtan jimin. Oh really Yeah You can even ask mom Okay I will and hello Jimin Hello? Jimin pov. Okay so after that me and sunlee went home and changed but she went to go take a shower while I was watching a scary movie "Annabelle". Sunlee finally got out the bathroom and had her hair in a tower and she had on a gray T-shirt and black shorts. She came up to me and sat by me and started watching the movie until her phone ranged. I looked on her phone and saw it was a runner for her hair. She took it out and went to go blow dry it. She now came back and sat on the other side of the bed and started scooting closer I just starting cuddling with her. Soon the movie ended and sunlee was asleep in my arms. I slowly put her down on the bed and put the blanket over me and her. Tomorrow me and sunlee got to go to work because our month is over. We got to work on our newest album.(young forever) She got to work in her album "Ripped". I hope nothing happens to her tomorrow. I hope....