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Lol, Batman told you about your ring sir! And you don't have a comeback. I wound what Batman would look like as a Lantern!
Seems legit!
Batman has wielded both the Green and Yellow Power Rings. However, Batman forced off the Yellow ring shortly after it was put on because his Will overcame his fear and he refused to succumb to the Yellow Power Rings power.
Every living being can technically wield the white ring because it is the ring of life. It's said that it contains a bit of every ring and every personality type since it is a part of life. But Several of the Justice League has worn the White ring.
. Is that true? @PaulStephens
Thanks for the details!! :) that I actually did not know. I heard at one point that the Justice League were able to wear the White Ring
I want @PaulStephens on my trivia team. Tuesday nights at Old Chicago, Paul.
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