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Ch.7 Title: SHE'S WHAT!!! Jimin pov. So the next day I woke up I found sunlee not next to me. Tbh I was quite disappointed that I didn't see her face. Well I gotta go to work. Maybe sunlee at work too. Kiyong pov. So since my family was rich I wanted a gang to kidnap sunlee. So I called the guys and told them the plan they were satisfied with it and I told them that ill pay them each $300. They agreed and I hung up I was so happy I get my jimin back. YAH DUMBASS STOP DAY DREAMING AND START GETTING YOR ASS DOWN STAIRS! - Daeyong said OKAY I WILL. Daeyong pov. So after I told kiyong to get her ass down here I told my parents that I'm going to work. They said okay and be safe and dadadada. Most time I miss being with sunlee. Walking down this street makes me miss sunlee where we used to be like until I fuck up everything. Flashback Daeyong do you promises me that you'll won't hurt me. She said with a worried face. I promise. I said with a smile and chuckle. Now come let's go to the carnival. She giggled and we made our way to the carnival. End Of Flashback Huh the good days. That day at the carnival was the worst day of my life. Why did I have to meet that girl named Julie. Why did she kiss me? She ruined my relationship with sunlee. So I was now at the studio of JYP since I worked there anyways. I went up to the studio and I saw sunlee singing she seen me and smiled and waved at me. After what happened were cool now she's more focus on her work and family. Her friends aren't really around because there really focus on work and etc that I don't know. I finally got in the studio and started practicing for my comeback for next month I'm the earliest one because I always come late these day. But now I'm waiting fir my members to be here. Sunlee pov. So I seen daeyong go to his practice room and started practicing I got a call from my mom and she told jimin that the wedding will be soon but not telling. I said okay and she hung up. I decided to go to get something from my car but then I felt something cover my eyes and something covering my mouth and I started to slowly feel asleep. Daeyong pov. So it was time to go home and I saw sunlee car still here but the doors open. I soon became suspicious and looked around I grabbed her keys and closed the door. I ran up stairs and asked JYP for the Serceritycamera that's by the parking lit but he said that that camera hasn't been working all day. I said oh okay I asked if he seen sunlee and he said yeah but idk where she is now. I started getting worried and told everyone if they seen sunlee they said yes but idk where she is now. I ran back up stairs and told JYP if he has BIG HIT ENTERTAINMENT phone number and he said yes. I told him if I can have there number and he said sure. I called BIGHIT and I told them I wanted to speak to BTS jimin. They said okay and handed the phone over I said park jimin. He said yeah. Have you seen your girlfriend? Who Sunlee? Yeah! No I haven't seen her all day Oh well do you know where she is? No she hasn't text,call, or even a voicemail. Oh well I don't know where she is and I'm starting to get worried. WAIT WHAT WHERES SUNLEE THEN( =_= boy why are you soo DUMB!!!) I DONT KNOW I THINK SHES MISSING. SHE'S WHAT!!!
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where is ch8.9