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Moonchul main info: English Name: Andrew Kim Korean Name: Kim Moon Chul Stage Name: Moon Nicknames: NA Position: Leader, main vocalist, guitarist, songwriter, composer Birthday: September 2, 1988 Height: 177 cm (5'9) Weight: NA Hobbies: Writing, arranging and composing music Twitter: @moonchul Instagram: @rpmoonchul Fun Facts: – Although he has lived in America for about ten years, his hometown is in Incheon, South Korea – He states that the meaning for their band’s name is to represent the juxtaposition of the rock genre they specialize in to mirror the double-sided world of their music, meaning that they want to connect the “royal” lineage of rock-stars past with the freedom and spirituality of modern “pirates” to create a lineage that transcends time – He is quoted for say this: “I won’t say what needs to be said but say what needs to be heard” – He describes himself as adventurous, sarcastic, and evil all at the same time – He can also play the bass, the drums, and the piano – He is deathly afraid of insects, especially cockroaches and praying mantises – He has been singing since the age of thirteen – His favorites bands are Muse and Coldplay – Besides speaking English, he can also speak Japanese fluently – Ever since grade-school, he has mastered hard rock, modern rock, alternative rock, psychedelic rock, electronica, J-Rock, Brit-pop, and various other genres of music, all while forming his own style in the process – He doesn’t like to eat any kind of “fishy” food, both raw and cooked – He was inspired to become a singer after watching “The Titanic”, and grew up as a huge fan of Celine Dion