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*Falls on knees* I'm so sorry you guys please forgive me for taking long on the last part of the Jackson story. Some of you may have forgotten about it and I really am sorry. I've been so busy with work (I got the job right after my internship) and I've been trying to write but then I have to study for my state exam. I haven't forgotten about the story. It haunts me in my sleep that I haven't finished it. But I promise! I will try my very best to finish it this weekend. I will stay up all three nights in the weekend to finish it. I don't care if my eyes dry out I will (try) finish it. Just for you guys could see that I am trying to write I took photos of my spiral but of course no spoilers so it's blurred.
It's also taking long because I want the ending to be very detailed not like "the puppy found its home" no I want it to be like "the puppy travels through the dangerous night alleyways-" so expect it to be long😊

I need your help to lol

I don't know which learning Hangul books I should buy. Which ones do you guys think is better.
These Or
Oh and Simon D has been invading my life recently. HES SO BEAUTIFUL😭😭😭😭
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I need to buy these
I need to buy these books to. and font worry I can't wait anden wait and wait. lol
@xsandos17 I find them really helpful
You take as long as you need, writing in it's self is a process that can take a good little, from editing to taking out sections that don't fit right or changing things completely. So you do you boo boo and take as long as you need. 😊
I got that Korea from zero book.. I learning the language..