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Sooyoon main info: Birth Name: Kim Soo Yoon Stage Name: Sooyoon Nicknames: NA Position: Drummer, vocalist, maknae, songwriter, composer Birthday: December 17, 1989 Height: 181 cm (5'11) Weight: NA Hobbies: Playing Pokemon video games, fashion, and watching movies Instagram: @exsyxx Fun Facts: – His hometown is Seoul, but he has lived in the U.S. for about ten years – He is quoted for having said this: “I don’t have enough talent to be a special artist. But I do have greater passion” – He can also play the bass and the guitar, which he has been playing since he was fourteen. He also has been playing the drums since he was thirteen – He has a strong sense of a sweet tooth, and he especially loves chocolate – He is a secret video game nerd and has played all of the Pokemon games – Because he is an avid Pokemon fan, he is also a huge fan of Pikachu – He dislikes rainy weather the most – He assists Moon in arranging most of their music – He has an eye for style and the chic – He has written and composed his own solo songs titled “One Hundred Roses” and “Like Butterflies” – He has been a regular on Arirang’s “K’ poppin” Radio Show ever since April – His band members claim him to be an “experimental” cook – He has a fear of seeing dead animals/roadkill