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i love bridal dresses like dese that shows elegancy , decency and purity and still u can keep up w the concept i wd def want one of those soo bad its soo beautiful and elegant :) <3
@yinofyang awwww thnx sis welcome back we missed u love u. ❤😊
@saharjalpari9 Thanks, little sis. I will for sure. Sorry, I haven't been talking to you much. You too @PiuPiuPENGUIN . I'm catching up at a snail's pace but I haven't forgetten either of you and your cards!
@puipuipenguin lucky u i wish i had dat my memory sucks :-P :/
@YinofYang Hehehe a good memory, that's my superpower.
@yinofyang thnx sis I love these 2 dresses soo much just thght putting them tgthr wd be just perfect 😊 they r both really elegant and beautiful I want 2 find more dresses like these u 2 sis whenever u find more dresses just post it Lols I loves dresses like elegant and as beautiful as these 😊
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