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Taking a step back... He was the first one off the stage, her little dark god, he must've ran at some point because the others weren't that close behind him. He ran straight to her. Grabbing her quickly. "Noona, I need your help..." he said pulling her by her wrist to the dressing room, "I think my pants tore." "Then you'll need someone from wardrobe." she said trying to keep up. "No time." Just then someone from wardrobe passed by, she stopped them and asked them where a needle and thread was, they told her in the dressing room. Then asked if she needed help. "No..." she smirked, "I can do it" As soon as they were alone, she asked where he tore his pants, he lifts his leg up on a chair and showed her. "Right here" he pulled on it and made it rip more, "Aaaish... I think it happened when I swung my leg around to stand back up." She pulled the chair from under his foot and sat down, "Pull your pants down," he hesitated, "come on, don't have time..." She stood up in from of him, looking him in the eye as she unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, pulling them down as she sat back down. "Should I take them off?" he said, he swallowed hard at the thought but he liked where this was going. She gave him a funny look, he smiled, "I mean, should take my pants off?" "Just the one leg will be fine" she said helping him, "You know, I was wondering, that question you was asking before. Why did you ask that?" she asked as she started to sew the tear. He laughed nervously, "I asked because someone is interested..." he put his hand under her chin and lifted her head, "Noona, I..." "It's done. Lift your leg." She took hold of the pants waist, but as she was pulling them up, she slid her fingers along the back of his thighs. He leaned his head back loving how it felt. Before he knew it, he felt her hands running through his hair and then back down his chest to his waist. Her hands slipped into his pants, he felt her teeth take hold of his exposed neck as her nails grazed up his thighs, he moaned in ecstasy when her fingers slid over the part that was getting hard. She lapped her tongue up his throat, tasting the sweat on his skin. She heard footsteps coming down the hall, "Better hurry, you're going to be late." she said pulling away quickly. He opened his eyes, he smile his infamous smile at her and headed for the door fumbling with his unbuttoned pants, trying to properly tuck his shirt back in.
She hid behind the door. As soon as the one was pulling the other back down the hall, she breathed. Am I really going to do this, she asked herself. She slumped to the floor, thinking how she was never going to let this happen and wondering how the hell does she end up in these kinds of situation. But here we are, she said to herself, might as well enjoy the ride. She laughed in the silence of the room, so much excitement for an evening backstage. She quickly covered her mouth when she heard someone come running in. She heard him ask if she was there. Her eyes widened. She quietly got up and peered around the door. It was her little baby god. He looked... worried, or a little disappointed. His shoulders slumped, his head hung down a bit when she didn't answer. What is this? She watched him for a second. His face really was like a god, so perfect. His eyes, his nose, his lips, like the gods had come down and sculptured his face with their bare hands. His skin looked perfect in the dim light. He turned to leave. In a flash, she rushed out, grabbing him by the collar. He was beautiful, she wanted him, she wanted him badly. She wanted him for herself and for a moment she showed him how much she wanted him.
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Hmmm....looks like noona is gonna play with her little babies! lol