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James main info: English Name: James Lee Korean Name: Lee Joo Hyun Stage Name: James Position: Bass, vocalist Birthday: June 9, 1988 Height: 190 cm (6'2) Weight: NA Hobbies: Exercising, playing sports, and modeling Twitter: @jamesjoohyunlee Instagram: @jamesjhl Fun Facts: – His hometown is Los Angeles, California in America, where he was also born – He was the last member to join the group on September 20th of 2009, introduced to Moon and Sooyoon through a mutual friend – He used to be a member of the metal band Azusa, starting at the age of sixteen. He later on became the frontman for the band The Clear and Conscious – Korean is his second language – He is quoted for saying this: “Sometimes it’s good to slow down and practice being present” – He has been playing the bass since the sixth grade – He can also play six-string guitar and has been playing the trumpet since fourth grade – His favorite type of food is Mexican, and loves burritos – He is well known for his intellect and for being a true food addict – He was previously a server at Sushi Kamon in the City of Industry, California and was an intern at Music Saves Lives. He also worked as a data entry abstracter for a private company in a Los Angeles recording office – He admits to knowing most of the English speaking idols in the K-Pop industry, including Peniel, Eric Nam, Ailee, Amber, Jackson, Bekah, and Kevin. He also knows Arden Cho from Teen Wolf and popular YouTuber Jenn Im from clothesencounters – He has filmed multiple CFs (like the Shinhan Card App CF) and frequently models in advertisements (he also notably worked with the female contestants of America’s Next Top Model in March of 2014) – He attended California State University, where he majored in Communications and Entertainment