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So I am super excited The first episode is finally out. ( Only seen clips can't find the whole episode if you do please let me know even if it isn't subbed)
They make me extremely proud. Not only did they sing the entire song in Chinese ( which they had to practice quite a lot not to make a mistake) They gave an amazing performance which won many people over on the first episode.
The boys have worked so hard perfecting this song and dance I couldn't be prouder. They always work their butts off no matter what the task is.
I want to say this was shortly after the first episode aired the boys were exhausted. They are sleeping on yoga mats, while using their jackets to cover with and towels as pillows. They work so hard at each and everything they do they it makes me love them even more. I hope they take care of their health and don't over work themselves.
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I saw the performance four or five times on youtube the day It came out. I almost died because the performance was intense and seductive. The vocals and rapping were on point with their choreography so I was having a fangirlling moment the first two times I watched it. My bias is the evil maknae always but everything was great. They deserve that win for working hard and getting to this point in their career. 👏👏👏👏👏