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Ok where do I start...I honestly don't understand what's the big deal with this thing called "dab" Everywhere I go I see people dabbing (I understand that its the trend now) but when people dab for no reason it gets quite annoying...So when I take my resort in kpop I find that this trend has spread to kpop too...


The Dabmonster himself BAMBAM



Ft. silently judging Wheein


They even dabbed in their mv!!!


*sigh* I did not expect this from you Joonmyeon...
I feel you Jaebum...

Honorary Mention

Baby Minseok aggressively dabbing since kindergarten

What do you guys think about this trend???

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Hobis face in the second BTS gif, thats a smile that just says "Noooh, nooh what are you doing? staph". But in regards to them dabing I see no harm in it, its all in good fun plus if done right in a video or at a concert it may look pretty cool in the choreography.
Bambam spread the good news of the dab👏🏻👏🏻
Well I'm from the "dirty/deep" south and it's just one of the choreographed moves that is catchy, and yea it gets annoying (especially when you come from Christmas break and sneeze and everyone's like dab). But it doesn't bother you after so long (trust me when I say it's not new it just took off bc a popular artist did it). It's just like the whip and nae nae, which was more annoying or Krumping, but t he artist try to put choreography that everyday people can do and try to relate to the western world since there are a large number of us as fans, (I mean even the non catchy ones like EXO growl dance, we all tried it once)
the dabbing
omg finally someone understands i made this anti-dab group with my friends for fun and i have a collage for anti-dab