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Dreams: Part 3
"You really should just let everything go and forget about Yoona. She's always like this and she won't stop tormenting you from no on."
"I don't understand why she would want to talk me after two years just to remind me of what I've done wrong when all I'm trying to do is forget about everything. I mean, if the school can move on from it then so can I right?"
"Of course, but Yoona is different Vann, she's annoying and likes to make fun of people by bringing up what they've done wrong. I can't believe she has a crush on me."
"Jimin, do you like her? as more than a friend?"
"Why? would you be jealous if I did?". I didn't answer him. I look down and thought that maybe if he did like her.... what would happen to us?
"It doesn't matter Jimin. I won't be jealous but I would want you not to fall for her. I know Yoona and she's clearly not the type to be subtle in a relationship. Hell, I bet she can't even keep one."
"So you are jealous........ but to answer your question; no, I don't like her, not one bit. She's not my type and besides, I like someone else". That broke my heart to pieces, knowing that he likes a girl in this school and that girl isn't me.
"Well, I believe that girl will feel lucky around you, you're a great guy.... she'll love you."
(Mutters to self) "That girl is you"
"huh?, sorry I was distracted."
"Don't worry.... it's nothing."
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