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Genre: Angst, College AU
Pairing: Taehyung x Reader
Length: 3715 words
Summary: He was bad news. So why couldn’t I keep away?
Part: 9/?
It was the next day. I had showed Jimin the text- and Hoseok just had to look over his shoulder- and both boys agreed that he wasn’t worth a reply. They told me he was just butt-hurt and his ego had taken a blow.
On the way to school, I got a call form Jimin saying he was too ill to come in today, and that he was sorry I’d have no one in class. I gritted my teeth in frustration , but told him it was OK. He had been the epitome of good health last night. This was such bad timing.
Today we’d be working on those stupid projects in class, and if Jimin wasn’t here, that meant I’d be stuck with Kim Taehyung. Going down the corridor to my classroom, I froze. There they were right in the entrance of the classroom, not giving two shits about who saw their frankly gross make out session. Taehyung and Sooyoung.
Something inside me snapped when Taehyung caught my eye and looked up to smirk at me. Before I could properly think about what I was doing I turned on my heel and started walking in the opposite direction, my jaw clench and eyebrows furrowed. What a prick. He was trying to get to me, and was failing miserably.
I was starting to think his little confession was bullshit. If you like someone, you don’t act like that. I was so angry, that I wasn’t paying attention and bumped into Hoseok further down the corridor.
The initial shock turned into annoyance again when I heard Sooyoung giggling in the distance. “Er sorry”, I muttered, trying to get past him, but he side-stepped in front of me.
“Hey, aren’t you in Jimin’s class? You’re walking in the wrong direction.”
“Thanks Sherlock”, I muttered, trying to barge past again- but Hoseok was strong. The corridors were emptying now, but I just knew Taehyung would still be stood there looking at us two. He never gave a shit about being late.
“Are you OK?”
“Can’t complain. Cus no one listens. Now will you please move?” I hissed, hearing footsteps behind me. He looked past me then back down at me, grinning slightly. “Were you just about to skip class?”
“Maybe I was. Aren’t you gonna be late?” I was trying to get rid of him, but to my dismay, he had a free period and had come in early to return some books. I strained to hear what was happening behind me to see if we were alone and was met by silence. Taehyung must have gone to class. I relaxed slightly.
Hoseok let go of my arm.“Y/n, go to class. We told you to ignore him, so ignore him. I know Jimin’s not here today, so I can meet you at the end of class if you want?”
I looked up to assess whether he was joking. “I don’t need babysitting. I don’t mind being on my own. It’s just that...he’s in my group as well as Jimin, which means I have to spend the whole lesson with him. And he’s done his share of the work, so he’ll just try to get under my skin.”
“And that’s not all, is it?”, he probed gently. I stayed quiet. “I saw your reaction when they kissed y/n.”
“That wasn’t...I wasn’t jealous. I’m just confused because he said he liked me and then h-”
“-He’s a fuckboy. Yes,we have mutual friends and I shouldn’t talk about him like that, but he’s not exactly know for being loyal y/n. Chances are he told you he had feelings to sleep with you.” I winced at his words, but I knew he was speaking the truth. He was also speaking form experience- Taehyung had messed about with his sister too.
“I’m sorry. That sounded harsh”, he sighed. He put a hand up to my shoulder and I shrugged him off. “It’s OK”, I mumbled. “You don’t have to feel sorry for the nerd.”
“Why? Does the nerd not have feelings?”, he teased. I sighed, and he started to manoeuvre me to face the opposite direction- back to class. It was already ten minutes in to lesson, and I really didn’t want to walk in. But with Hoseok marching me in that direction, I didn’t really have a choice.
I was still trying to think of an excuse as to why I was late when Hoseok opened the door and shoved me in, following closely behind. The whole class halted their group discussions to stare- Taehyung included.
I noticed he was sat on his own, not with Sooyoung’s group as I expected. “Sorry”, Hoseok spoke up from behind me, as my head snapped up to apologetically smile at Miss. “She was in the first aid room. But she says she feels OK now, so I bought her here on my way to the library.”
My jaw dropped at how easily Hoseok lied to the teacher. And what was even more surprising was that she bought it. “Thank you.” He gave my shoulder a squeeze then left. “Y/n, I’m glad to see you’re alright.” The class had started up their discussion again. Now Hoseok had left, I was back to being invisible. “We’re just getting on with the projects, so if you’d like to take a seat.”
I nodded and sat down at my desk, shuffling papers around and clicking my pen, my focus not on the work at all. Taehyung quietly cleared his throat and I ignored him. “Aren’t you going to turn around, partner?”
My hands balled up into fists but still I said nothing. As I thought about all the things he had done, one particularly stood out to me. He had lied to me about Hoseok’s sister. He said he had just left her, not that he had stood her up on a one year anniversary.
And the text. The words were seared into my brain, making my breaths laboured just thinking about it. ‘Can’t believe you walked away like that. You think it’s cool to fuck with someone’s feelings? Well I have news for you. Yes, it was a fucking dare. Why the fuck would I want to be with you?? You’re nothing special.’
“Y/n, is Jimin not here today?” The teacher’s shrill voice broke me out of my trance. I shook my head. “No, he wasn’t feeling well.”
“Does he know what his tasks are?” I nodded.
“Well, why don’t you turn your chair around and work with Taehyung?”
“There’s nothing for him to do Miss, he’s done his share.” I was hoping she’d drop it but she didn’t. “Wow, well done Taehyung!”, she crooned as I grimaced at her praise. Then she added, “Y/n, give him one of Jimin’s tasks to do for the lesson, I’m sure he would be very grateful to Taehyung.”
It took all my willpower to not scream at her there and then. I got out a task for him to do, and without looking at him, thrust it on his desk.
“Er y/n”, Taehyung drawled loud enough for the teacher to hear. “I’m gonna need help with this, can you turn round?”
Begrudgingly, I turned my chair around, silently cursing Taehyung. I rested my notebook on my lap- if I leaned on his desk, I’d be closer to him.
"You really despise me, don't you?", he asked with an air of satisfaction.
I answered without looking up. "I probably would, if I gave you any thought."
He just chuckled, leaning in closer. “That attempt to bunk off? Not your finest moment, was it? And what’s with you and Hoseok? Are you gonna buddy up with him now, because boyfriend Jimin’s out the picture?”
Ignoring him was proving to be difficult. “Babe”, he whined, just below everyone else’s hearing range. “What’s got you so down?” I could hear the amusement in his voice, so I knew he was mocking me.
“Ah nothing”, I breathed, finally looking up to meet his gaze. “Just some irrelevant boy being a little bitch. He’s getting on my nerves you see.” Taehyung’s eyes darkened at my retort and I looked back down, smiling.
“I wonder why he’s getting on your nerves”, he replied. “Maybe because you stood him up when he confessed?”
“Or maybe because he thought another girls phone call was more important than me. Or maybe because he still sleeps with said girl. Or maybe because he lied about the nature of his past relationships”, I hissed.
Both of us were staring daggers, and he replied softly, but angrily. “We were never together, so I can do whatever the hell I want.”
“That’s exactly what I’m saying to you Taehyung. I can do whatever I want too- if I want to walk away, I’ll walk away.”
He leaned back in exasperation, running a hand threw his hair. “You’re fucking impossible.” I didn’t reply, but instead just got on with my work, forcing him to get on with his.
“You heard the rumours?”, he spoke again after five minutes, and I sighed in frustration, putting my pen down in my lap.
“What rumours?”
“About Jimin and his ex? Can’t remember her name.”
I didn’t want to talk to him, but this was to do with Jimin. “Chanmi?”
“Yeah, that’s her. She’s friends with...”, he motioned vaguely towards Sooyoung. My eyes narrowed. “What the hell are you trying to get at?”
“Apparently they’re back together.” I scoffed. “Please Taehyung, do you think I’m stupid? Jimin would tell me if he was back with his toxic ex.”
Taehyung’s lips formed a smirk that I didn’t like at all. As if he knew something I didn’t. “You must have seen him yesterday after you left mine. Was he ill?”
He took my silence as a ‘no’. And Sooyoung told me this morning that Chanmi isn’t in today, because she was ‘ill’ too. Coincidence?” He laughed lightly. I knew why Jimin didn’t tell me- me and Chanmi didn’t exactly get on- but I was hurt nonetheless. But I kept my expression neutral in front of Taehyung.
Finally the bell went, signalling my freedom. Taehyung had actually got some of Jimin’s work done. I hastily packed my bag and tried to make my escape, but Taehyung grabbed my backpack so I couldn’t move. I struggled silently, not wanting unnecessary attention.
He leaned in and whispered, “We need to talk.” Sooyoung approached him, but he just waved her away saying he was busy. She glared at me as she walked out. Everyone finally left, leaving just us two.
He released me and went to shut the door, and as soon as it was shut, I freaked. “What the fuck was that? You don’t just get to grab me like that and make me talk to you!” I spat.
“It’s not like you would have listened if I verbally told you to wait!”
“And why the fuck should I?” It felt good, finally being able to curse at him now that there was no teacher.
He took a deep breath. “Y/n. I told you I like you and you walked away.”
“Yaeh,and then you tell me it was a ‘fucking dare’ and that I’m ‘nothing special’. Really a good reason to treat you nicely Taehyung.”
“If you think I meant it then you’re fucking stupid”, he said gently. I stared at him incredulously. “If you didn’t mean it then why the hell did you say it?”
He was just about to answer when we heard a distinct voice call my name form outside, slightly muffled by the closed door. “Y/n?” It was Hoseok. I sighed. I had told him I didn’t need babysitting. Taehyung stiffened too- his eyes narrowed at me almost accusingly.
“Why is Hoseok always around you now? I thought you hated each other?”
I cocked my head to the side. “I don’t know. He’s Jimin’s friend, but I’m starting to think he’s alright. But don’t worry, we’re not at that make-out-at-the-entrance-of-the-classroom stage...yet.” It was hard not to smile when his eyes darkened at the word ‘yet’. Good. Let him get a taste of his own medicine.
“Y/n!”, Hoseok burst in, making me jump. He looked slowly between me and Taehyung. He decided to ignore Taehyung and focus on me. “Let’s go, come on.”
Taehyung turned to him and stepped right in front of me, blocking me from Hoseok’s line of sight. “Can’t you see we’re talking?” he asked rudely.
“Can’t you see she doesn’t want to talk to you?”, Hoseok replied coolly. “Oh fuck off Hoseok”, Taehyung snapped. “Mind your own godamn business.”
Hoseok, to my dismay, stepped in swiftly and silently shut the door. “You’re doing the same thing to her that you did to Dawon.” That must have been his sisters name.
Taehyung shook his head. “She’s nothing like Dawon. Jesus Christ Hoseok, are you blind? You’re sister was the biggest-”
“-Watch yourself”, Hoseok warned, stepping closer angrily. But Taehyung continued regardless, while I stood there not knowing how to diffuse the situation.
If Jimin had been there he would have known what to do...except according to Taehyung he had taken the day off to spend with his ex...or at least I hoped she was still his ex and that they weren’t actually back together.
“She slept with everyone”, Taehyung said airily. “ I found on on the day of our date, got pissed and forgot about it. End of story. Whatever the fuck she told you was wrong.”
Taehyung actually sounded sincere, but obviously Hoseok would pick his own sister's version of events. “Don’t you fucking dare start”, he replied, and turning to me, he said “Y/n, let’s go.”
Shuffling my feet, and my head down, I slowly started to move towards Hoseok, but Taehyung held me back. “No. She’s not going anywhere with you. Why are you acting like you give a shit about her? You said it yourself at the party. ‘Why the hell did you invite the Nerd?’ And if I recall, you called her pathetic.”
Taehyung was adding fuel to the fire. I looked up to meet Hoseok’s gaze, which was getting angrier by the second. “That was before I got to know her. Y/n, don’t listen to him.”
Hoseok’s face twisted into a sneer, and I knew he was going to say something that would set Taehyung off. I just knew it. “You told her you have feelings for her, you lying fuck. I told her the truth, so you don’t have to lie anymore.”
Taehyung let go of me and stepped up to Hoseok, who looked unfazed. My eyes widened- this was not going to end well.
“And what was this ‘truth’, Hoseok?”, Taehyung asked in a dangerous voice. Hoseok scoffed. “Don’t play innocent- the whole school knows what you are! I told her you’re just trying to get in bed with h-”
Hoseok was cut off by a direct punch to the jaw. I yelled instinctively as he stumbled back. He looked more shocked than in pain. Before I could get any closer, Hoseok stood upright and lunged for Taehyung, grabbing his collar.
“Hoseok, let go!”, I called out in a panic, making my way towards both boys. I tried to pry his fingers away, off Taehyung, but he wasn’t budging. “You son of a bitch”, he seethed, shaking Taehyung.
Taehyung on the other hand, showed no emotion, except his eyes- his eyes were burning with silent anger as he stared at the boy in front. Hoseok let go briefly, to punch him, but I pushed Taehyung out the way, catching the brunt of the impact of Hoseok’s fist.
“Shit!” I heard Hoseok curse, as I swayed sideways and used one of the desks to stop me from falling. He had knocked my glasses off, and my vision was further blurred my the tears. There was a dull ache in my cheek, and I was stunned by the force.
“Y/n! Hoseok you bastard!”, Taehyung yelled, rushing towards me. Hoseok started to look for my glasses, chanting ‘I’m so sorry’. Taehyung propped me onto the desk I had held for support and placed his hands on my cheeks. “Hey.” His once angry voice was now gentle.
“Look at me.”
I weakly tried to push him away, but of course he didn’t move. Hoseok must have been holding out my glasses behind my back, because Taehyung took one hand away to snatch the glasses and glare at him.
Before he handed them to me, he wiped my eyes. I was so so confused. What even was this boy? Did he like me or not? I gave myself I few seconds before I croaked, “I’m OK.”
I turned to Hoseok, clearing my throat. “That wasn’t your fault Hoseok, don’t worry about it.”
I heard Taehyung start to say something behind me, but I hastily continued, not giving him the chance to speak. “You should go, your class starts soon.. I told you I don’t need babysitting. I’m not going to class this afternoon...I’m going home.”
The news about Jimin, this argument, getting punched- even if it was an accident- was all proving too much for me. I could go home, relax, and work on the project in piece.
Hoseok nodded once, apologetically squeezed my shoulder and left. I wasn’t mad at him because all he had done was try and look out for me. I waited until he left before trying to slide off the desk to leave, but Taehyung halted my movements.
“Let me take you home at least”, he murmured, smoothing down my hair. There were so many things running through my head. Our study session, his confession, me and him at the party.
But then all the bad things came to mind. All the other girls he had kissed (and done more with) since. His text from yesterday. Hoseok’s voice saying “chances are he told you he had feelings to sleep with you.”
I shook my head. “I’ll be fine.” He tutted and moved out of the way so I could get off the table, before grabbing my hand. “Don’t be stupid. I’m coming with.” I was surprised that he had the guts to walk through the building holding my hand. I didn’t have any fight in me to refuse.
As we left the building, of course we had to bump into Sooyoung. She was on her own though thank god, not surrounded by all those girls she called ‘friends’.
“Tae tae! I’ve been waiting for you babe. Where have you bee-”
She stopped talking as soon as she saw me emerge. Her confusion turned to annoyance when she saw my hand in his. “Nerd, what the fuck?”
“Move out of the way Sooyoung”, Taehyung snapped, and my eyes widened at the tone he was using with her- just this morning they were locking lips. “Tae what the hell? I’m your friend!”
I almost scoffed at the word ‘friend’. Friends didn’t sleep with each other, I was pretty sure of that. “Yeah and she’s my girlfriend”, Taehyung announced without hesitation. “Now move.”
Sooyoung looked like Taehyung had slapped her as we barged past. He dragged me down the road before I finally spoke up. “Is that what I am?”
“Do I get a say in the matter?”
I gave a small smile as he walked on. He didn’t actually know where I lived. “...You turned the wrong way.”
We finally got to my place about ten minutes later, and Taehyung hovered near the door. “You wanna come in?” I asked him and he immediately stepped inside. I retrieved and ice pack and sat in silence, wincing at the pain. Taehyung sat there staring into thin air, and it was a while before any of us spoke.
“What you said about Hoseok’s sister...was that true?” I asked hesitantly. It mattered to be whether he was trying to get back at her, or whether he had actually stood her up.
He looked at me. “Yes it was. She was sleeping around. She slept with one of my friends who didn’t know she was my girlfriend- she bragged about cheating on me over text to him, and he showed me.”
He should have showed Hoseok the messages, but I didn’t say anything. “I’m sorry.”
“Why? I got my own back on the day. I was ready for the dinner and even had a present for her. Ended up going clubbing instead.” I nodded in understanding. He gave a small smile. “Guessing you’ve never been.”
“Clubbing? Oh no. Much too loud. And too many people.” His smile widened a notch, but he didn’t respond. I was just about to ask him what was so funny when my phone started ringing.
My smile was immediately wiped off my face as I reached for the device. “Hello?”
“Hey y/n oh my god, are you all right? Hoseok just told me what went down. He feels so bad. He’s texting me from class right now.”
“Ah I told him not to worry. And I’m fine Jimin.”
“That bastard Taehyung, I swear to god-”
“It wasn’t his fault. It was nobody’s fault. They were fighting and I intervened. I’ll fill you in later.” I couldn’t help but add, “Say hi to Chanmi for me.” Taehyung snickered in the background.
There was stunned silence on the other end, and I sighed and hung up. I wasn’t in the mood to ask him why he hadn’t told me. “Harsh”, Taehyung remarked.
“What’s harsh is not telling your best friend that you are in a relationship. I knew something was up with him, just couldn’t put my finger on it.”
“Hmm. How’s the cheek?” I told the ice pack off and gently poked at it. “A lot better. Thanks for coming here Tae, you didn’t have to.”
“I wanted to. I’ve been acting like a dick, so I owe you at least that.” He started smiling randomly.
“What’s so funny?”
“You did it again.”
“Did what?”
“Called me ‘Tae’. I like it.”
“Do me? As in actually like me or are you just messing about again?” He beckoned for me to stand up and he stood up himself. Reaching over, he hugged me. I stiffened at first, but then tentatively hugged him back.
“Yeah y/n. I like you.”
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Ack! Ack! You had me slowly falling for Hoseok...and then Taehyung goes and does that?! What?! You're being so mean to me 😭 And Jimin? Gah...Jimin! You big dummy head! (>.<) By the way, I keep forgetting to tell you...I love the way that your main characters are always so strong. Really, it's so nice and refreshing...except when they fall in love, but it's a realistic kind of falling in love...sigh...your writing though :)
no. He doesn't deserve her back just yet...that ass treated her bad...kissed another girl in front of her..only an hour or so before she got punched and now she's ok with him? ughhhhh
JIMIN YOU! HOW COULD YOU!!!!! ANDWAE!!!! TAEHYUNG YOU BETTER NOT UGH HOSEOK UGH ALL THIS IS UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ASDFGHJKLKSHDISHSHSHSH i love this chapter like omg seriosuly you are amazing freaking jimin and taehyung ugh you guys ugh!!
oh fuckin hell. finally
Well, I'm glad he finally took the courage to not care what other people think about him dating her 😏.
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