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Oh God, Why!?!? 😳
This Morning, I was on my iPad just minding my own business. Everything seemed Normal. My Dad was on Pinterest, and my mom was playing a game on her iPad...when all of the Sudden, my Dad asks "Who is Yongguk's Wife?"
What I was Thinking: "Oh, I...I...Don't...Know who that is...hehe. *Hides iPod case* "πŸ˜…

He didn't know how to pronounce it at first. he started saying "how do you say Y-O-N-G-G-U-K" and my Mom interrupted and Said "YONGGUK!" And my mom looked at me and winked as I'm sitting on the couch dying of Embarrassment, and then I said "'s Y...Yong...Yongguk." Then he Read Aloud "Yongguk's Wife Saved your Pin."
I Saved one of my Dad's Pins and Forgot I had "Yongguk's Wife" as my Name!!!
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That is awesome. lmao
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