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Sugamommas Come Here !!
So if you guys know me... My ultimate Bias is Suga from BTS (I mean what's not to like about him). I have made my own fandom name for the suga fans out there ....SUGAMOMMAS!!👑 It would be nice if this fandom name got a catch and people started using it so I'm introducing it to ya peoples.😊
Feast your eyes on this cutie 😍 *© and credit to owners *comment if you want to be added to the Army, I GGOT7, or Sugamommas squads Army @kimnam94 @mrsyookihyun @pharmgirlerin @taehyungv @chelseagarcia Sugamommas @kimnam94 @minimanim3 @pharmgirlerin
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Tag me on sugamomma and army,the name is legit enough to join 😁
a year ago·Reply
I live the name bc I am older than Suga so I'll be his sugamama if he wants lol
a year ago·Reply
@SunnaWalo me too girl me too! :)
a year ago·Reply
add me to ARMY squad pwease! :) Suga's eyes are to die for!
a year ago·Reply
tag me in all
a year ago·Reply