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@kpopandkimchi is bringing back super groups! Sooooo I want in XD Here are the roles! 1. Leader 2. Dancer 3. Vocal 4. Maknae 5. Rapper 6. 4D

1. Leader - JongKook

He's probably the only one on earth who could handle this bunch XD

2. Dancer - Henry

Hes got all the moves that matter XD plus he speaks a zillion languages and can rock a violin sooo

3. Vocal - Hongki

If I have to pick a vocal, it will always be him <3 plus he can oneshot a bottle of soju and that is just a damn good skill

4. Maknae - HighTop

We need someone afraid if hamsters and he can get crazy with this group of hyungs XD

5. Rapper - Kyungil

SpartaKookie needs a gym partner and he's a beast rapper XD

6. 4D - Heechul

He's not necessarily 4D but he is well different than most idols and I love every bit if it
Things you can look forward to! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
and .... the things heechul says >.> (he is for real my life goals XD)

So! That's the group!!

We are gonna rock this XD What do you think?
@VixenViVi siwon is my fav from SJ but heechul was the original for me but siwon took over the last two years with his smile. but heechul is always close to my heart
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i got to say i love ur group!!!
😂 I really like it!
lmao 😂😂
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